Thursday, May 22, 2008

Corrections and Additions Courtesy KKR Sir


 6 Selection of oriental dishes? (5)

14 Movement of art and literature in France was real in old city quarter (7) SURREAL

17 Muslim ruler about to conclude committee business after giving direction (7) AGENDAS


 2 The crowd will get cold on the track (9) CONCOURSE

 3 Letting the sound fade away when dealing with notes (10) DIMINUENDO

 4 A person who is certainly not sharp (7) NATURAL

 6 Pop or wine? (4)

 7 Bill, taken in by a woman, turned over pass (5) REACH


John said...

6 dn Coca as in coca wine or coca cola
6 Ac cream?

VS said...

Could 6 across be HAREM and
6 down be HOCK?