Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 2482 Sunday, May 04, 2008


1 Go over plot with bad-tempered type(10) CROSSPATCH

6 Blackleg showing sign of injury (4) SCAB

10 At home in tears having spilt wine (7) RETSINA

11 Closest amongst relatives are in cosy home (7) NEAREST

12 Explorer, we hear, is to give a lecture(5) SPEAK

13 Referred to a sensitive topic in TheRaven; I fancy (3,1,5) HIT A NERVE

14 Warwick's county? (14) NORTHUMBERLAND

18 Here's the very fellow to speak about Satan! (4,2,3,5) TALK OF THE DEVIL

20 Model that's changed inside very quickly (9) POSTHASTE

23 Old-fashioned old man penning note(5) DATED

24 Article by Italian poet getting musical instruction (7) ANDANTE

25 First to see list about cheese (7) STILTON

26 Girl named names, partly (4) EDNA

27 Disreputable woman, user, slated terribly(10) ADULTERESS


1 Stroke is worried about onset of squall(6) CARESS

2 Active? Both Noel and I exercised(2,3,4) ON THE BOIL

3 Go from job to job and be utterly ruthless?(5,2,7) STICK AT NOTHING

4 A western wood flooded with water (5) AWASH

5 Racehorse establishment after con artist(9) CONSTABLE

7 Root for food (5) CHEER

8 Beads scattered around the chapel (8) BETHESDA

9 Streamer or flag on front row (6,8) BANNER HEADLINE

15 Out of bed, yawning, drunkard returned fully informed (2,2,5) UP TO SPEED

16 Emerge carrying dram left for philosopher(9) ARISTOTLE

17 Deduction in wages resulting from industrialaction? (8) STOPPAGE

19 Handsome young man is giving supportto a lecturer (6) ADONIS

21 Irish John drinking drop of daiquiri insaloon (5) SEDAN

22 Stand as moderate Liberal (5) EASEL

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