Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9418 Wednesday, December 31, 2008


 1 Pull up or down as required to crossover (10) DRAWBRIDGE

 6 Swear mildly, needing to make repair (4) DARN

 9 Increased in stature — as became an adult (5,2) GROWN UP

10 Bill’s story (7) ACCOUNT

12 Accompanied lady on an evening out (8) ESCORTED

13 Below par (5) UNDER

15 Past days (5) OLDEN

17 Simple phrases used to try to encourage impoverished customers (4,5) EASY TERMS

19 Puts down a sporting group, traditionally (9) RELEGATES

21 Right name given to this Japanese dish (5) RAMEN

23 He takes the French road alternatively (5) ERROL?

24 Opening for film-maker? (8) APERTURE

27 Gathered in great quantity at the same mad assembly (7) AMASSED

28 Game between a couple of golfers (7) TWOSOME

29 Old Indian weight of about 2 lb (4) SHER

30 How much one swapped for? (5,5) TRADE PRICE


 1 Taunt at the lodgings given (4) DIGS

 2 Stimulated as with a revolutionary design (7) AROUSED

 3 Instrument used to keep out a little woman (5) BANJO

 4 Short-tempered statement of doctor’s charge (9) IMPATIENT

 5 In the field or on the track, he’s often in the van (5) GUARD

 7 Dan sure assembly will fall apart (7) ASUNDER

 8 There’s no time like now to be missing (3,7) NOT PRESENT

11 Against having a scorekeeper (7) COUNTER

14 Undergraduate’s first ancestors became mistresses (10) COURTESANS

16 Makes rather a fuss when legs are wobbly after knocking back gin! (7) NIGGLES

18 Had guilty thoughts (9) SUSPECTED

20 A dull fellow, but he might lead run (7) LURDANE

22 He first went on air broadcast with megacycles initially (7) MARCONI

24 A snake found dead, out by the river (5) ADDER

25 Scouts’ parade (5) TROOP

26 In summer everyone sails on the lake (4) MERE


Chaturvasi said...

I am old enough to remember the weight of the past but we used to spell it seer, not sher, which may be a variant only in crossword dictionaries.

anokha said...

Thanks, Chaturvasi sir - I had no idea of it's spelling as I have only heard it spoken!

Any idea about 23 ac?

Wishing you a very happy new year!

Chaturvasi said...

Re 23ac, may I invite you to see my comment in the relevant thread (THC 9418) in the Orkut community The Hindu Crossword Solutions.