Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9410 Monday, December 22, 2008

Dedicated to Chaturvasi sir and Schuchi ...........................


 1 Disease suffered by soldiers in the pit (6,5) TRENCH FEVER

 9 Bit not completed by lazy Annie in two-year periods (7) BIENNIA

10 Monkey drops dead from tree (7) TAMARIN

11 Man some feel I humbled (5) ELIHU

12 Few people govern in this political system (9) OLIGARCHY

13 Very attack is not complete (5) ASSAI

15 Paper communication? (9) TELEGRAPH

18 A number of people together — one more than what may be considered company (9) THREESOME

21 Garment father returned to boy (5) APRON

22 Pack off a tec with a team to perform duties (9) OFFICIATE

24 One, much disintegrating, pertaining to vegetable mould (5) HUMIC

26 Cocktail from shop in India’s capital (7) MARTINI

27 Complaint that confuses names with borders of India (7) AMNESIA

28 Does one wake up from it with better appearance? (6,5) BEAUTY SLEEP


 1 Al battles for recomposition of cooking ingredient (5,4) TABLE SALT

 2 Fragrant oil extracted back in the time left (5) ELEMI

 3 Study young person in the Orient serving as mistress (9) CONCUBINE

 4 Fail completely at top speed? (4,3) FLAT OUT

 5 Severe criticism by five and fifty about one group of three (7) VITRIOL

 6 Odd sailor crops up in exotic dance (5) RUMBA

 7 It is not a reputable setting for a critic (8) ARMCHAIR

 8 Sole refusal put up by lady without publicity (4) ONLY

14 The kind of success an arsonist would like to have? (8) SUREFIRE

16 Manually greets in a warm and friendly manner (4-5) GLAD-HANDS

17 Manual bonding between friends (4-5) HAND-CLASP

19 Instrument in a car smashed by the second of rowdies (7) OCARINA

20 Stylish member in neat arrangement (7) ELEGANT

22 Nothing hard to military head’s units of resistance (4) OHMS

23 Go on to a higher level (5) CLIMB

25 Crowd over Oriental club (5) MASSE


Shuchi said...

Thank you for the dedication :) By the way my name is spelt "Shuchi", without the "C".

anokha said...

My apologies Shuchi - rededicating to make up :)