Friday, December 19, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9409 Saturday, December 20, 2008

So far .............


 1 To reveal faults in lift (8) ELEVATOR

 5 Rides roughly to catch student with turtle (6)

 9 Pro admen managed to mention prominent persons (4-4) NAME-DROP

10 Small like the Kalpakkam plant? (6) ATOMIC

12 Volume measure for Indian river (4) SONE

13 Shop annexe remodelled for ancient philosopher (10)

15 State a lie goes out of estrangement (6)

17 Ancient people some police nicely escort (5) INCAS

20 Examinations of ethical principles don’t start (5) ORALS

21 Sudden movement of UP brat (6) ABRUPT

24 If it is not sharp, it won’t be cutting (5-5) KNIFE-POINT

27 Third move to complete in athletics (4) JUMP

29 Shrink with band in church (6) CRINGE

30 As a pupil, this one has a long way to go (8) BEGINNER

31 Of speech sounds of worker and boy (6) SONANT

32 Nice, real display of trust (8) RELIANCE


 1 He sounds serious (6) ERNEST

 2 Fur? Um… it belongs to me (6) ERMINE

 3 One can be helpful in revealing the heart of a girl (4) AIDA

 4 Round the area there’s gas (5) OZONE

 6 Closer to the door? (5)

 7 Command Act 2 needs to be restructured (8) COMEBACK?

 8 It is suitable for seedy development (4,4)

11 You have better prospects if you turn it (6) CAREER?

14 Forms of chocolate? (4) BARS?

16 One after another fighting? (2,1,3) IN A ROW

17 One politician’s brats (4) IMPS

18 Why a football player takes part in the game, perhaps (3,5) FOR KICKS

19 One from Chennai is a spy skirting the head of ministry followed by a Scot (8) TAMILIAN

22 Introduce light? (4,2) TURN ON

23 Criticism raised among the Secret Service by the head of espionage is meagre (6) SPARSE

25 Nigel’s broken marbles (5) ELGIN

26 Clenched fist shown at last by one woman (5) NIECE?

28 Girl takes off without civil service (4)


Chaturvasi said...

26 Clenched fist shown at last by one woman (5)

This is NIEVE, which breaks up as N (last mletter of 'shown'), I (one), EVE (woman).

The rest I will leave to your regular visitors.

raghava said...

across 13: xenophanes
down 6: latch

Chaturvasi said...

11a needs to be revised.

Chaturvasi said...

7dn too! Sure you can see the clever wordplay.

Shuchi said...

Came here through Chaturvasi's reference. Nice site you have going!

The remaining ones:
5a: SLIDER [L insider anag. of RIDES]
15a: NATION ['a lie' subtracted from alieNATION]
17a: ICENI [hidden word]
13d: AIDE [the heart of mAIDEn]
7d: DOMINEER [act=DO plus anag. of ERMINE]
11d: CORNER [from the phrase 'turn a corner']
28d: MIMI [CS removed from MIMIcs]

Chaturvasi said...

anokha, you may or may not know that Shuchi has a good blog herself;
There one can find an analysis of Gridman's lattices and much else.