Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 2515 Sunday, December 28, 2008


1 Soft? So drink (6) SHANDY

4 Stiffness shown by celebrity at church (6) STARCH

8 Star entertainer needs finest fruit (3,6) TOP BANANA

11 Loaded and left Yemeni port (5) LADEN

12 Girl in hostel in Darlington (5) LINDA

13 I'm plus one, playing rashly (2,7) ON IMPULSE

14 This was first brought into town to make parachutes (11) THISTLEDOWN

16 Favoured brief, one man quick on the uptake (11) INTELLIGENT

19 Be eager to land in US city (4,5) LONG BEACH

21 Take off from Stansted, initially, on holiday (5) STRIP

23 RC priest's inside getting a souvenir (5) RELIC

24 Kitchener may have had a hand in it (4,5) OVEN GLOVE

25 A herb tea brewed in east (6) TISANE

26 A guy, relaxed (2,4) AT EASE


1 Make one's home in a small market town (6) SETTLE

2 Tree in a small enclosure (5) ASPEN

3 Playwright has tipple with expert right away (9) DRAMATIST

5 A bulb can be extremely useful in the end (5) TULIP

6 Reportedly studied flying machine close to nearest celestial body (3,6) RED PLANET

7 Watch trapper (6) HUNTER

9 Drink - all do it wildly after a short working day (11) AMONTILLADO

10 Hymn from leader of Wesleyans in habit I deem unfit (5,4,2) ABIDE WITH ME

14 Musical instruments in largest complex (9) TRIANGLES

15 Inadvertent mistake concerning landmark (9) OVERSIGHT

17 Girl has drop of Tokay wine (6) CLARET

18 A gun each (6) APIECE

20 Scholar to study English philosopher (5) BACON

22 Spanish drink port? Yes, in Germany(5) RIOJA


The writing is on the wall.... said...

Hi...It would also be great if you can provide quick tips on how you arrived at the answer...


Chaturvasi said...

See the group
The Hindu Crossword Solutions
in Orkut
where annotations are provided for answers by respective members and where they are sought others chip in.
Active for the past couple of years with numerous postings every day.