Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9404 Monday, December 15, 2008


 1 To show an unopened box (5) OFFER

 4 Type of a card for the French shelters (7) CRADLES

10 Husband has to change a garment (6) HALTER

11 Title to note in half of Monaco and half of Europe (8) MONSIEUR

13 By the way measure it for the last to leave an alloy (8) STELLITE

14 Drawing stick on a cold fabric (6) CRAYON

16 To take the test of a former partner in the morning (4) EXAM

17 Writing surface for an African game (10) BLACKBOARD

20 Loud migrant to scatter the organisation of information (10) FORMATTING

21 At first, evil person eliminates each with a weapon (4) EPEE

24 No race is altering the membrane (6) CORNEA

26 Desire to shut up and cry (8) PENCHANT

28 Someone from Poland to live and come to an end of the scriptures doing as told (8) OBEDIENT

29 Bond the note in money (6) CEMENT

30 Poise to form an element (7) ISOTOPE

31 Mother to turn a single ship going out of order (5) AMISS


 2 Illusory locks of wigs (5,4) FALSE HAIR

 3 First woman not permitted to measure in a regular way (6) EVENLY

 5 Gypsy covers a round space (4) ROOM

 6 Give details of the French clerk (8) DESCRIBE

 7 Men lacking leadership with them on the other side (5) ENEMY

 8 Simple for many to rush (6) CHASTE

 9 President of the peacekeepers with the journalist to cut off the superfluous (6) PRUNED

12 Let in to hate a wrong player (7) ATHLETE

15 Device for one who inspects (7) SCANNER

18 Bathes around in a mountain range of letters (9) ALPHABETS

19 Restoration of cosmetic surgery (8) FACELIFT

20 Play in for a circumstance (6) FACTOR

22 Creature in the department of Information Technology at the end of the day (6) ENTITY

23 Bad to scare me almost with a loud cry (6) SCREAM

25 Right to turn back the price of Bach’s works on cays (5) REEFS

27 Sharp sound of a shot (4) SNAP

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