Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9401 Thursday, December 11, 2008

This compiler is crazy ......................


4 Signalling devices are sensory appendages (8) ANTENNAS

 8 Place a square for British engineers to turn in a golf club (6) PUTTER

 9 Complete discharge of gases starting off from a hive (10) EXHAUSTIVE

10 Compact undiluted drink (4) NEAT

11 Nothing to write in clear space (4) OPEN

13 Two new ties for a leader (6) PRIEST?

15 Rhythm after not being used is unconventional (7) OFFBEAT

17 Tents set up for an accountant and a politician (4) CAMP

18 Unopened loops of paints (4) OILS

19 Many wheel parts with almost one colour (7) CRIMSON

21 Oddly get ordained to leave behind on the shore (6) STRAND?

22 Heartless homeless cat is here to remain (4) STAY

25 Every other buoyant vessel (4) BOAT

26 Reference to a mint tree disturbed in seclusion (10) RETIREMENT

27 Space the tonic to point at the locomotive (6) ENGINE

28 Very large ball of fire overheard by one’s offspring (8) GRANDSON


 1 Slap the time period on the leader of the kin (5) SPANK

 2 Society to teach an animal group (6) STRAIN

 3 Caught a nobleman turning up to move quietly (5) CREEP

 4 Remains of headless men pale in appearance (5) ASHEN

 5 Elephant’s call for an instrument (7) TRUMPET

 6 Turn into one form of food science (9) NUTRITION

 7 Worthy of doing an advertisement for the authorisation of a lawyer to point (9) ADVISABLE

12 Remains of a fire lying after the first beam (5) EMBER

14 Journal for the queen having a list of information (9) GAZETTEER

15 Choice around a period of planned activity (9) OPERATION

16 To let in a new maid in a short time (5) ADMIT

19 Sticks the food chewed again in thick substances (7) CUDGELS

20 Fear about a local circle of two on a road (6) PHOBIA

22 Rents a large part of the ship (5) STERN

23 Plant by the way at a point of service (5) ASTER

24 Saint at ease with the follower ending to go away (5) STEER?


Eswaran N said...

ST = Saint
ease should be East ( I think) = E
ending of follower = ER
Alternate letters form TRAND Hence Get must be 'set'
Wonder How Priest ? iest from new Ties. Does PR=Two ?

Eswaran N said...

Ah! PR=pair :)

anokha said...

Yeah, don't ask Eawaran - this compiler gives totally random clues!