Monday, December 8, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9399 Tuesday, December 09, 2008


 2 Carbohydrate stiffener (6) STARCH

 7 Bachelor quiet at a party (4) BASH

 9 Ahead of time, like a nobleman? (4) EARL

10 Alter rim cast on a chest of drawers for non-elective government officials (13) BUREAUCRATISM

12 Shrivelled with age and depleted of moisture (5,2) DRIED UP

13 Accept as true to be in contradiction with five head elements (7) BELIEVE

15 Tax one in a passenger car (4) TAXI

17 Cut back the growth of a dried plum (5) PRUNE

18 Turn back at the French with a short story (4) TALE

19 Gifts bestowed on a very big ship (7) LARGESS

21 Central theme found inside Turkey notes (7) KEYNOTE

23 Selling by phone a different milk tree agent (13) TELEMARKETING

27 A slight indication of an even chain net (4) HINT

28 Reel backwards with a sneering look (4) LEER

29 Do not accept discarded food (6) REFUSE


 1 Aggressive remark directed to the Queen by a hairdresser (6) BARBER

 2 The act of decreasing in length the fat used in baked goods (10) SHORTENING

 3 Initially, a round embankment around a part of a surface (4) AREA

 4 Greek letter with the elegant and the stylish (4) CHIC

 5 One led backwards to a shop selling salads (4) DELI

 6 The highest quality of five articles left in the ancient stages (8) PRIMEVAL

 8 It cuts a dashing figure (5) SUAVE

11 Prime letters in the United States for referees in a sports competition (7) UMPIRES

13 Degree no good for a king all right, in Thailand city (7) BANGKOK

14 In time for big return of article of the French is difficult to define (10) INTANGIBLE

16 Bachelor turns at public act of violence back at slaughterhouse (8) ABATTOIR

20 Ballroom dance found in Assam banquets (5) SAMBA

22 Turn at girl guide’s editor bearing a label (6) TAGGED

24 Dead after the expected time (4) LATE

25 Steal note end to obtain a garment (4) ROBE

26 Even red car put a light brown colour (4) ECRU


Ashwin said...
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ashwin said...

Todays was OK. But I think Sankalak makes the easiest crosswords of all.
Neyartha brought me crashing back to ground.