Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9405 Tuesday, December 16, 2008


 7 Former employee as an English politician in an American city at the side is an ideal model (8) EXEMPLAR

 9 Large fleet found to harm a dacoit (6) ARMADA

11 Insisting upon a fool for the queen having money in the end of the bag (9) ASSERTING

12 River oil to cure a disease (5) POLIO

13 Rear end in to glitter at a holy place (6) SHRINE

14 Headless men in a stupor at the gate (8) ENTRANCE

17 A bishop to go back to somehow cane for self-importance (9) ARROGANCE

22 What the helpless get from this? (8) COMEDOWN

23 Compensate with reference to an action (6) RECOUP

25 Move towards the north-east to head off cars (5) NEARS

27 Acknowledgements in a sector are shuffled (9) REACTIONS

28 Article not specific for the wife and the queen to come back (6) ANSWER

29 Main chief (8) CARDINAL


 1 Right to turn around colourless points to fall away (7) RELAPSE

 2 Journalist turns back at a point to rest around an arid land (7) DESSERT

 3 Father with a knight to return to the capital city (5) PARIS

 4 Catch the far end entering in a spout (4) TRAP

 5 Fish for the student and a coronet (7) GARLAND

 6 Lures an accountant with a little woman left at ease (7) CAJOLES

 8 Associated with a quiet trader in a different way (9) PARTNERED

10 Information on rewritten ads in the plans (7) AGENDAS

15 Take a point in to be judged to set up again (9) RECREATED

16 Position situated in the front (7) FORWARD

18 Uproar over the investigation of the lake (7) SCANDAL

19 Layer of mass by the official building (7) EMBASSY

20 Perfume almost cold gone off (7) COLOGNE

21 A post for the French disciple (7) APOSTLE

24 Boat going side to side (5) KAYAK

26 Supporter running through waste materials (4) STEM

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Eswaran N said...

arid land = DESSERT ?