Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9400 Wednesday, December 10, 2008


1 Opinion found in to misguide arguments (4) IDEA

 9 Designed an ice manor in shore regardless of the circumstances (4,4,2,5) COME RAIN OR SHINE

10 Sound of bells in the outer layer, overheard (4) PEAL

11 Refusal of an old style of English bird trap (5) NOOSE

12 I’m a leader of Muslim men (4) IMAM

13 Many tear off a large container (5) CRATE

14 Starting off a close association with a friend by making a droning sound (7) HUMMING

16 Strikes out a container for the Church of England left in space (7) CANCELS

18 Get-together a bit at the end of the day (5) PARTY

22 Black caliph on an island (4) BALI

23 Love the main kind of Arab inhabitant (5) OMANI

24 To start doing every big task is a liability (4) DEBT

25 For keeping secret information — edit inflation to be disclosed within the borders of a country (15) CONFIDENTIALITY

26 Go through the net to ride a wave (4) SURF


 2 Daughter is keeping good health forever being a resident (7) DWELLER

 3 Design of a giant salad sold despite many obstacles (7,3,4) AGAINST ALL ODDS

 4 Dirty snowball to be available in a short time (5) COMET

 5 Joining of a news agency being broadcast (5) UNION

 6 Failures of rules by an Iran soldier having single relations (14) IRREGULARITIES

 7 One saint head is within them having the belief in the existence of God (6) THEISM

 8 Too strange for the peacekeepers with a girl unknown (7) UNCANNY

15 Father having a large solar shade (7) PARASOL

17 Persons in charge of life energy of the oriental ends of flowers (6) CHIEFS

19 Small child to cross an unusual line for almost an era (7) TODDLER

20 Virtuous person in South Africa is new in Information Technology (5) SAINT

21 To put an end to a mammal in a boat (5) ABATE

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