Friday, December 26, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9415 Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tricky knots ........not sure if I untied them!!!


 1 Record symbolised said registration (9) ENROLMENT

 6 Get knotted again (5) NOOSE? (RETIE?)

 9 River breaks embankment, a tragic situation (5) DRAMA

10 It means the engagement is temporarily off (9) CHALLENGE? (??)

11 Copies new head in the bishop’s office (10) EPISCOPATE

12 Black plague animal is a pest (4) BRAT

14 Drive around Northern Ireland to get a TV screen (7) MONITOR

15 Be aware of profit (7) REALISE

17 Parasite plant progresses unsteadily (7) DODDER

19 Distributed cards as required for Hungarian dance (7) CSARDAS

20 Swindle a man on board (4) ROOK

22 Somehow I can compel submission (10) COMPLIANCE

25 Until the dream is realised in it, the same old routine (9) TREADMILL

26 Love to accept fertilised seed from flowering plants (5) OVULE

27 Doctor to imitate a casual and graceful pose (5) DRAPE

28 They intensely hated to rest undisciplined steed (9) DETESTERS


 1 Invest with the return of quarter that’s to be paid (5) ENDUE

 2 Straightened out crooked redealing (9) REALIGNED

 3 Insect that develops from a bookworm? (4,6) LEAF CUTTER

 4 He emerges from unpleasant reality (7) ESCAPER

 5 It’s a help in the kitchen when tots are playing (7) TOASTER

 6 Knot sailors try to avoid (4) NULL? (RATS?)

 7 Judge responsible for a row about the Right (5) OWNER? (TRIER?)

 8 Foreign princess who could be a choosy woman! (9) ELECTRESS

13 Dreadful result of having a claim redirected to us (10) CALAMITOUS

14 Fashion criticised and so toned down (9) MODERATED

16 Documented articles found in plate used for eating (9) INDENTURE

18 Told of parts of building having history (7) STORIED

19 Second to the captain in an airborne vehicle (2-5) CO-PILOT

21 Love to exercise soldiers — that’s Falstaff, for one (5) OPERA

23 Makes the scores equal (5) EVENS

24 Margin of advantage (4) EDGE


Shuchi said...

The 2nd options fit the wordplay better. T{R}IER, RATS as anag. of TARS...but that leaves 10a unexplained. COASTLINE? Stuck with that one at my end as well!

anokha said...

10 AC It means the engagement is temporarily off (9) CEASEFIRE

6 DN Knot sailors try to avoid (4) REEF

Shuchi said...

Perfect. Congrats :)