Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9408 Friday, December 19, 2008


 1 Approve to terminate the yellow bridge opponents (7) ENDORSE

 5 Not a dull boy exactly (6) BRIGHT

10 Father has an oar man to take a view (8) PANORAMA

11 Opposed to a piece of poetry (6) AVERSE

13 Soundly lift the sun beams (4) RAYS

14 Goon head in charge of new workers in time for the Congress (10) GOVERNMENT

16 A new line cut off for a holding device (6) ANCHOR

18 Announced a number to bring forth an ancestor (8) FOREBEAR

21 Trimmings of articles (8) CUTTINGS

22 Odd car pins miss the crunch (6) CRISIS

25 Powerful computer length fashionable for the girl (10) COMPELLING

27 Father is mostly ill with the bucket (4) PAIL

30 Left a metal covering without the tube on a crater (6) (-C)LARION

31 National carrier to display the liquid black ink (3,5) AIR INDIA

32 Girl under age left at a yearly event (6) ANNUAL

33 Campaign for a soldier at the art gallery (7) AGITATE


 2 Grandmother of a female goat (5) NANNY

 3 Ancient city in an old style belonging to us (4) OURS

 4 Mark a percussion instrument, overheard (6) SYMBOL

 6 Enthusiastic for a new bird (5) RAVEN

 7 Garnered strong workers (9) GARDENERS

 8 Precious time to start off her speaker (7) TWEETER

 9 Special painting of a Greek city (6) SPARTA

12 Guard to pose around at the end of July (5) SEPOY

15 Circle in a big type of desert (4) GOBI

17 Common Admission Test in the morning for the painter at noon on the boat (9) CATAMARAN

19 Real kind of a nobleman (4) EARL

20 Swift adult fighter left the Orient (5) AGILE

21 Company chief left each organ (7) COCHLEA

23 Greeting! Alas to be returned in the morning (6) SALAAM

24 Headless men clash at a grand finale (6) ENDING

26 Be back with a loop line in the middle of a heart disease (5) EBOLA

28 Go over a type of a car in a short time (5) AUDIT

29 Tiny sized container (4) PINT

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