Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9593 Friday, July 24, 2009


 1 One may use this as a sign of approval (6,2) THUMBS UP

 5 Completely neat and clean (4) SPIC?

 9 Sufficiency to always hold out, the queen has articles packed in the last month (8) ADEQUACY

10 Optimistic, to set rhythm at university (6) UP BEAT

12 Firm is quiet about the seven officers (4) CO P S

13 Committed a livid act, he was deprived of the legal status (5,5) CIVIL DEATH*

15 Heavy debts managed by the woman reportedly rescued her at the last minute (5,2,3,4) (SAVED BY THE*) BELL

17 Letting go, hide men in her quilts (14) RELINQUISHMENT*

21 Diplomat has an Indian car (10) AMBASSADOR

22 Country for each and for all to see (4) PER U

25 Wise sayings of a dead sage unravelled (6) AD(AGES*)

26 Warehouses of shops contain silver (8) STOR(AG)ES

27 Cooked through in London eateries (4) DONE

28 Doctor has a doubt about the top membrane (8) DR UM HEAD


 1 The crane is out in a dazed state (6) T(RANCE*)

 2 Finish the custom in Uttar Pradesh (3,2) USE UP

 3 Fight the common illness (4) BOUT

 4 Injured limp cub has to ascend (7) UPCLIMB*

 6 A vain hope (4,5) PIPE DREAM

 7 Can cover up to erase a scarred C-section (9) CAESAREAN*

 8 Eye-shield in a tournament gets soft when taken in place at noon (5) PATCH

11 Firstly get items lacking the layer of gold (4) G I L T

14 PM’s address has a name seen as to be changed (10) TEN N(ESSEAN*)

16 Everyone gets on to travel abroad following everybody (3,6) ALL (ABOARD*)

18 River in the naturalistic state (4) URAL

19 Toy sailboat (7) SCOOTER

20 Being damned to be caught in an ancient city as an editor (6) C UR S ED

21 To make void (5) ADAPT? (nice, if correct!)

23 Hunting dog missing the second bird (5) (-B)EAGLE

24 Victorian in appearance (4) PRIM

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