Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9586 Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now I am doing this purely for "medical" reasons - to get inside the mind of this woman!!!!!!!!


1 Principal element (4) LEAD

9 Cocktail gent has mixed as fast as possible (7,3,5) AGAINST THE CLOCK*

10 Lacking taste from the puff lately (4) FLAT

11 Fast arab turns back even to upwind (5) RA<-P I D

12 Heartless Roy is holding you and the black stone (4) {R(-O) U B Y}

13 Politician is following the case somehow leaving Edward with the naughty child (5) {SCA(-E)*}MP

14 Long trips taken by sea explorers! (7) VOYAGES

16 Birds irritate the calf in the capital of Sri Lanka (7) {FALC*} ON S

18 Sound to disturb the development stage (5) PHASE (~faze)

22 Race around area of land (4) ACRE*

23 Roll dice to host a party (5) THROW

24 After midnight, it is all right to go out of control (4) AM OK

25 A cut above the basic is mandatory at first for the spirit world (15) SUPER NATURAL IS M

26 First to dye the beard after sunset (4) D AWN


2 With hesitation, I and the saint are in charge of the debater (7) ER I ST IC

3 Start to dodge one second crook endlessly for the money the man is picking out (14) D I S CRIMINA(-L) TIN G

4 Quick to barge in Leeds every second (5) A G I L E

5 Finishes the card game (5) STOPS

6 Mummy holding the red hot owl gone off to sleep soundly (4,2,3,5) DEAD TO THE WORLD

7 Initially good looks often require immense approval from a girl (6) G L O R I A

8 Infection disturbs the basic beast regularly (7) (SCABI*) E S

15 Mediator’s job? (5,2) PATCH UP

17 Intelligent class the lady will start to rule (6) CL EVE R

19 Samajwadi leader has a structure opening in the direction of the bird (7) S WALL O W

20 Brother cooks the hot liquid (5) BR (OTH*)

21 Unpleasant woman buried in a poor setting (5) W(ORSE)

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