Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9579 Wednesday, July 08, 2009


1 Part of the paper carrying adverts from individuals may, however, pall on consumer (8,6) PERSONAL COLUMN*

8 Good man in demand built a cosy home (6) NE(ST)ED

9 Ancient Italian who subdued centaurs (8) ETRUSCAN*

11 Burmese Inland Revenue, challenged, will pay back costs incurred (9) (R)E(I)MBURSE*

12 Manifold evil revealed in a pithy dramatic work (5) HYDRA

13 Wild horse in frenzied state, a no-good (7) MUST A NG

15 Proteins like pepsin, renin etc (7) ENZYMES

17 Send a rogue to the gallows with this kind of downcast look (7) HANG DOG

19 Gas consumed a newborn child (7) NEON ATE (cute!)

21 Wads of currency needed for a posh car (5) ROLLS

23 Sailors swindle the German escaper (9) ABS CON DER

25 Former journalist, accepting fee, is praised (8) EX(TOLL)ED

26 Cheap decoration from cans, Spanish article (6) TINS EL

27 What a fiancĂ©e may geta “busy” tone on phone? (10,4) ENGAGEMENT RING


1 The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog (7) PANGRAM

2 Indian sage of Irish extraction (5) RISHI (for Vasi Sir!)

3 Where to go if too enthusiastic? Into the water! (9) OVERBOARD

4 Precious stone that makes a gossip audibly suspire (4,3) CAT'(S EYE) (~sigh)

5 Sound happy (5) LAUGH

6 Evergreen material for road-making I begin applying (9) MACADAM I A

7 Old coins, about 50, in recorded history (6) ANNA(L)S

10 Daughter with a worn garment, what a transvestite may wear (4) D RAG

14 Solitary person who made just one century (9) SINGLE TON

16 He studies animals in Kalamazoo logistically (9) ZOOLOGIST

17 Hothead, sporting a gun, caused injury (6) H ARMED

18 Good boy, I say, gets an amorous look (4,3) G LAD EYE

19 Frontal feature, very big in one direction (4) N(OS)E

20 Individual sound filter (7) EARPLUG

22 Student in comfortable seat can sing to musical syllables (3-2) SO(L)-FA

24 Old statesman with novel ideas (5) DESAI*


Chaturvasi said...

Yes, but see my remark in my blog
and Shuchi's comment thereunder.

anokha said...

Vasi Sir - I guess you are referring to my 'cute' remark for 19ac. I was just commenting on the "NEON ATE" wordplay and NOT the "whole wording of the clue."

And, I agree with your remarks on this CW - very efficient and enjoyable - nice job by Sankalak!