Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9585 Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No idea why I'm solving this - a giant jig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Person in charge lacks the right to oversee (6) MANAGE(-R)

7 Soldier has a standard bomb (4) PAR A

9 Emperor is the country head in Zaire holding an adult (4) C Z(A)R

10 It appears twice as much in numbers (6,7) DOUBLE FIGURES

12 Built a lab in a country (7) ALBANIA*

13 Damage the car air pipe regularly of the French (7) C R I P P LE (this is so lame, can't she think of something better???)

15 Language spoken in a municipality (4) PALI

17 Make a mess of the dish inside the edges of a shell (5) S(POI)L

18 Engineers on the ship to pay tax (4) CE SS

19 Building material for the signboard (7) SHINGLE

21 Key worn by mistake in an American state (3,4) NEW YORK*

23 Quiet workers to almost follow the tables one has corrected in an organisation (13) (ESTABL*) I SH MEN T

27 A narrow promontory (4) HILL

28 I am back touching the thick mud (4) MI<-RE

29 Prevents the animals swallowing the bone (6) DE(T)ERS


1 Start to support a new boy coming up with the shoe (6) S A N DAL<-

2 Passing the tenth without the three spotted markings (10) MA(-TRI)CULATION

3 Empty set? (4) NULL

4 Game in the oil-producing countries gets around when taken for the upper class (4) G(-U)(+O)LF

5 Place ready displaying the shrub (4) ACER

6 Places us around the spacecrafts (8) CAPSULES*

8 Player in an enclosure on the road (5) CAGE R

11 Learning aid given in a textbook (7) EXAMPLE

13 Head cashier somehow lets in the customers (7) C(LIENTS*)

14 Chap to construct a yard with difficulty to measure the Southern elephants (10) (PACH*) Y D ER M S (if this is the anno then where is ER coming from? OR is it YARD with difficulty->YERD?)

16 Allow in to hit a hundred crazy to be fit (8) {ATH(LET)I*}C

20 Sign for the politician to arrive back (5) LIBRA

22 Step down from one’s position at the age of 58? (6) RETIRE

24 Not starting even at this time to prepare the land for crops (4) TILL

25 Lied about not being busy (4) IDLE*

26 Animal hidden in the bush area (4) HARE