Monday, July 20, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9590 Tuesday, July 21, 2009


 1 Chartered Accountant will set a new social class (5) CA(STE*)

 4 Gangsters of a group have a note reflecting us (7) BAND IT<-S

10 Appointment will accommodate an engineer back from a discussion (6) D(EB<-)ATE

11 Ha-ha! wait perhaps for a chieftain (8) HIAWATHA*

13 For some reason heartlessly buy articles on the road (2,3,3) B(-U)Y THE WAY

14 Scared before the French assistant (6) A FR AID

16 They get these in the way of relationships (4) EGOS

17 You and I like the Spanish command to be an equivocal qualification (6,4) WE AS EL WORD

20 Couple of mothers around America are in charge of a lot of theatrical activity (5,5) M US IC DRA MA

21 Disorderly outburst in a prison (4) STIR

24 French farewell remarks (6) ADIEUS

26 Object accepted in the right direction by a Football Association in Connecticut (8) A (RT)(E) FA CT

28 These rays may cause an increase in temperature (8) INFRARED

29 Busy to clean holding the string of the lamp (6) CAN(D)LE*

30 Club an assembly line (7) ARSENAL

31 Reported the sums charged at exhibitions (5) FAIRS (~fares)


 2 Problem with a bird (9) ALBATROSS

 3 Walk unsteadily with a bag over the river (6) TOT(T)E(R)

 5 Enthusiastic about the Bible for one to read at the end (4) AV I D

 6 Descending cascade of water (8) DOWN FALL

 7 In a minute, trap a fish (5) TETRA

 8 Edward at lunchtime, starts buying large eggs that can be eaten (6) ED I B L E

 9 Honest detectives capture a new leader of the Democrats (6) C(A N D)ID

12 What many can develop in their prospective jobs? (7) CAREERS

15 Is the poet leaving the house with seven elements? (7) IS (-H)OMER S

18 Stranger let around gets upset (9) OUTLANDER*

19 A small measure for you to judge is all right (8) A CC U RATE

20 Wrong to name an oriental as an unkind person (6) MEAN* I E

22 On the contrary, the heart is properly on the side (6) RATHE* R

23 Southern state has a king in this generation for nearly all in retrospect (6) K ERA (-L)LA<-

25 Form an opinion to fine the character in hand (5) INFE* R

27 Deity hidden inside Varanasi (4) DEVA

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