Monday, July 13, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9584 Tuesday, July 14, 2009


1 Girl conceals injury with immoral behaviour (7) AD(HARM)A

5 The way that some fish become wanderers (6) ST RAYS

11 A beau among several overeager ones (5) LOVER

12 Talkative guru, also first to rectify error (9) GAR(R)ULOUS*

13 A game that is not good, new in action (9) BAD MINT ON

14 A negative in church craft (5) C(A NO)E

15 A shout from the old leaders of lynch league (4) YE LL

17 Anxiety about article — a bird has it (7) FEA(THE)R

21 The pen most misused by mail carriers (7) POSTMEN*

22 Simpleton to start with, sailor becomes a hero (4) S TAR

26 A woody plant among Australian angiosperms (5) LIANA

27 Simple garment, large, thin, cool variety (9) (L)OINCLOTH*

29 Ghastly shock, near total (9) FRIGHT FUL

30 Non-pro person taking the pledge is a pinchpenny (5) (-PRO)MISER

31 Sad, yet somehow unwavering (6) STEADY*

32 Good man, unctuous, carrying pole in an unfeeling manner (7) ST {O(N)ILY}


2 He got the better of Goliath (5) DAVID

3 Scared of an attack around the capital of France (6) A (F) RAID

4 Strong, like my tea, say (6) MIGHTY (CUTE!)

6 Cut short an unbroken sequence beginning to cloy in gallery (8) T(RUN C)ATE

7 A decoration to beautify people on time (9) ADORN MEN T

8 She calls you brother (6) SISTER

9 Alumni, not necessarily of advanced years (3,4) OLD BOYS

10 Computer adjunct for a headless runner (7) (-S)PRINTER

16 A double, a kook that is all at sea (9) {L}OOK{A}{L}(I)K(E)

18 Affectionate cat hated change (8) ATTACHED*

19 Rich spring, not in operation (4,3) WELL OFF

20 William Tell, say, last to typify his art (7) ARCHER Y

23 Splits seen in a side in extremes of covetousness (6) C(LEFT)S

24 Colour that is powerful and intensely vivid, nameless (6) VIOLE(-N)T

25 Shrewdness of people coming after a copper (6) A CU MEN

28 A bird spotted among grouse lurking about (5) OUSEL


WriteOutLoud said...

I am a BIG fan of Hindu Crosswords, not as big as my dad or as good as him at solving them. I have been trying my hand at it since I was 16.
You have done a fantastic job of posting the results (with explanations) online. I really appreciate your effort.
Thanks again…
Keep up the good work

Hemant Krishna

anokha said...

Thanks, Hemant!