Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9587 Friday, July 17, 2009

20dn ????


4 Happen to see Chan somehow held by a worker (8) {BE(C)(HANC*)E}

8 Dalit leader in Uttar Pradesh has left the former house (6) D UP L EX

9 Stripped to the minimum? (10) THREADBARE

10 Remove water from a boat’s package, overheard (4) BAIL (~bale)

11 Scratch the top of the box to see the money charged (4) (-C)RATE

13 The French talk too much of the small lake (6) LA GO ON

15 Such a system to help one in crisis (7) SUPPORT

17 Layman overheard railway spies to the left (4) L AIC<-

18 It is back to the statesman (4) TI<-TO

19 Abandoned young one in the morning on the track of a school (7) {A(CADE)M}Y

21 Hand the leper out to the worker (6) H(ELPER*)

22 Covering for the rain cap and spectacles of a woman (4) R(OO)F (this takes the cake today - NJ special!)

25 Decrease the curtain length (4) DROP (this is a nice one - have to give credit where credit is due!)

26 Scotsman initially orders girl and mother outside America having one mate (10) MON O G A M O US (runner up for the cake!)

27 The German follows the number on the boat (6) TEN DER

28 Supports the sailor in a deceitful manner (8) BACKS T AB


1 Abode made of earthen brick (5) ADOBE*

2 Statue of a mysterious person (6) SPHINX

3 Add that bit of flavour! (5) EXTRA

4 Push one’s way into the boat (5) BARGE

5 Flower arrangement for the boy is left to an alien (7) CHAP L ET

6 Double-talk with uncertainty (9) AMBIGUITY

7 Top artist is new in the fundamental business group (9) [COR{PO(RA)T*}E]

12 Very important person is in charge of the subject (5) TOP IC (running out of cake!!!!)

14 Nearly seconds before, Royal Challengers left in time for a film in the Spanish city (9) BA RC E L ON A

15 Put down the bit in an album (9) SCRAP BOOK

16 Rao captures the princess with a device (5) RA(DI)O

19 Side by side, a bear is out on the street (7) A (BREA*) ST

20 Bachelor is around the zigzag road in the city (6) ST(R)UD(E)?

22 It’s a diamond, in short (5) RHOMB

23 Not beginning to cook in the seven kilns (5) (-R)OAST S

24 Extra spear is functional (5) SPARE*


Shuchi said...

Hi Anokha,

20D looks like B(AROD*)A. Haven't tried it with the grid, not sure if this affects any of the Acrosses...

anokha said...

Thanks, Shuchi - BARODA it is! Guess I'm not a "Bachelor" as I don't have a BA :(

c said...

It is Baroda.

anokha said...

Thanks, Chance!