Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9589 Monday, July 20, 2009


 1 Fluffy creatures getting naked, as in a festival held annually (5,8) SHEEP SHEARING

 8 Player is the man at the end, determined to play without Edward (9) {NETMINDER(-E)*}

 9 Group of people are at the entrance of an organisation (5) LOBBY

10 Outgrowths mostly are the one’s initially troubling all swimmers (7) AR IS T A S

12 Emblem is in the box he addressed (6) OXHEAD

14 Whip on the hanger (5) STRAP

16 Mountaineer leaving the rope regularly on the trees (4) SHE(-R)(-P)A

19 Give full particulars of the area to the audience (4) SITE (~cite)

20 Somehow the seat for a doctor is empty before time on the ship (9) {STE(A MB O)A*}T

21 Six yards of material arrive in South Island (4) S(AR)I

22 Rise to cross the master (4) SIRE*

25 Article to remain on the moon (5) THE BE

27 Tension one would undergo during an exam? (6) STRESS

29 A long exciting journey (7) ODYSSEY

32 Ahead of the firing line (5) FRONT

33 They do this to the prospective candidates (9) SHORTLIST

34 Large mammal is in the tangent area it built (5,8) GIANT ANTEATER*


 2 He left in to change the emergency number (7) {H(OT)(L)(IN)E}

 3 Journalist is in charge to mostly take a command (5) ED IC T

 4 Annoyer is unhappy at first (6) SAD IST

 5 Initially lacking desire to get an income (4) (-Y)EARN

 6 Calm down the race when ten are taken in place of one hundred and fifty (5) RE(L)A(X)(-C)

 7 The Rock territory (9) GIBRALTAR

 8 Comes closer to a partnership holding each royal leader (5) N(EA)(R)S

11 Features of a suspect strangely without you (7) {A SPECTS(-U)*}

12 Go against the headless cop to set before the leader of the Democrats (7) (-C)OP POSE D

13 They are the ones to throw a party! (5) HOSTS

15 Marie to design the fabric (5) RAMIE*

17 It may be laid in front of the fireplace (6,3) HEARTH RUG

18 Aides are thrown out of the way (5) ASIDE*

23 Motivate playing with an Oxford dreamer (7) INSPIRE

24 Leaders eagerly giving youths physical training in the country (5) E G Y P T

26 Retire gracefully from a boxing match around Ohio on Wednesday (3,3) {B(OW) OUT}

28 South Africa train regularly has an evil spirit (5) SA T A N

30 Initially young adults try relaxing after a holy pilgrimage (5) Y A T R A

31 A quiet active girl (4) A (SH) A

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