Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9583 Monday, July 13, 2009


 1 Cosmetic application with which to confront some wolves (4,4) FACE PACK

 5 Another cosmetic with which to mulct a deviant (6) TALCUM*

10 Very silly member taken in by extremes of bigotry (5) B(ARM)Y

11 Farm tool that causes a bit of a sharp itch for kitchen gardeners (9) PITCHFORK

12 Navigational devicenot for a scooter driver! (9) AUTO PILOT

13 Unfinished part of a golf course (5) ROUGH

14 South American greeting a Japanese dish (5) S US HI (American for US????)

16 A near-gory building, where citrus fruit is grown (8) ORANGERY*

18 Big conflict set off by the death of an archduke (5,3) GREAT WAR

20 Support for painting showing effortlessness and a bit of life (5) EASE L

24 Machine part that goes round either way (5) ROTOR

25 What an event does — assume position? (4,5) TAKE PLACE

27 Flattery for bemused Daulat, retired champ (9) (ADULAT*)ION

28 It has one horn in India, two in Africa (5) RHINO

29 Hole in a garment that an observer permitted (6) EYE LET

30 Bike (non-oriental) — the last word in a plant (8) CYCL(-E) AMEN


 1 Note prejudice about northern members of socialist society (7) FA {BIA(N)S}

 2 Members of the clergy sure act differently (7) CURATES*

 3 Fork out the full amount, even if reluctantly (3,2) PAY UP

 4 Dome-like cover for prize half of U.S. city (6) CUP O LA

 6 Steadfastness of oriental dancerhe struggled (9) (ADHERENC*)E

 7 Conclusion of a healing process involves sunrise (7) CLOSURE

 8 What to do when the sun shines! (4,3) MAKE HAY

 9 Make a declaration about old city eminence (7) STAT(UR)E

15 Common point between two boundaries in eastern France: it collapsed (9) (INTERFAC*)E

17 A bird for an admirer to follow (7) FAN TAIL

18 Dress that, with time, becomes rubbish (7) GARB AGE

19 Throw out former first in tournament showing lack of politeness (7) EX T RUDE

21 A place for sportsmen (7) STADIUM

22 Take preparatory action for sleeping (3,4) LIE DOWN

23 Hostelry in outer space? That is thin (6) SK(INN)Y

26 Exposure to risk from improper ill-advised action (5) PERIL

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