Friday, July 17, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9588 Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some good ones today ........................


1 Plant in the grassy area is in the second place (5,5) GREEN B ROOM

9 Device is inside the bonnet alongside (6) ETALON

10 These are never sold at newsstands (4,6) BACK ISSUES

11 Loyal supporter removes the dry piece of clothing (6) S(-T)ALWAR(-T)

12 A City Council has developed roads not accepting the agreements (7) A C C {ORDS(-A)*}

16 Married German woman is the first to dodge the trickster (5) FRAU D

17 Sacred festival of colours, overheard (4) HOLY (~HOLI)

18 Unusual to be away for religious education (5) OUT RE

19 Regularly that hooker is in the lake (5) T A H O E

20 Show put up by one artist! (4) SOLO

21 A set of principles (5) ETHIC

22 A ballroom dance (7) FOXTROT

27 Old boy is around to sit out for a musician (6) O B O (IST*)

29 Severe scolding for the rapid gun fired at two (10) {UP(B)RAID(I)NG*}

30 Preferred buddy holding the tree (6) REDBUD

31 It’s an extra sheet in an examination (10) SUPPLEMENT


2 Almost all following the soldiers are genuine (4) RE AL

3 Polar resident is at ease initially keeping inside most objects (6) ES K I M O

4 America in debt perhaps may get damaged (6) {B(US)TED*}

5 Seed you love to distribute (5) {OV(U)LE*}

6 Dirty dining room at the end of the day (5) MESS Y

7 Articles in her wallet are set to be used throughout the year (3-7) {ALL-WE(A)THER*}

8 It is a ‘must’ in every recipe! (10) INGREDIENT

12 Overtired sounding to be honest (5,5) ABOVE BOARD (~bored)

13 Crowds at High Court create slogans (10) {CAT(C)(H)WORDS*}

14 Host somehow holds the loop of a new branch (5) {SHO(O)T*}

15 Being reserved, gangster gets no love from a female (5) AL O O F

23 Appeal to be available when requested (2,4) ON CALL

24 Horse-drawn carriage (6) TANDEM

25 Fasteners on horses (5) STUDS

26 A question arose for an American man in the bar going up (3,2) {BO(B} UP<-)

28 Clean inside in a short while (4) AN ON

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