Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9392 Monday, December 01, 2008

Was out of country, traveling on business .....................


 1 A bad second, abused, disappeared (9) ABSCONDED

 5 Supply food to some delicate ruminants (5) CATER

 8 Missile with which to hit a bovine alien? (6) BULLET

 9 Study Indian parties making exposes (8) SCANDALS

11 Impertinent talk in a Salvation Army ship (4) SASS

12 What some traders do — contaminate tea with dal? True, sadly (10) ADULTERATE

14 There is little latitude between two engineers to make one intensely happy (5) ELATE

15 Job aspirants’ self-assessments? (7) RESUMES

16 Wine that is cold, a hit in cocktail (7) CHIANTI

17 A number performing with a kind of saw (5) TENON

19 Protein used in medicine to refine torn parts afresh (10) INTERFERON

20 An article in the role of water (4) AQUA

22 Fertilizer — black parts of grain contain one (4,4) BONE MEAL

23 Preserve the body of a business graduate in wood (6) EMBALM

24 Resided almost comfortably in empty dugout (5) DWELT

25 A law to counter TNT menace (9) ENACTMENT


 1 Surprise attack on public transport in morning hour (6) AMBUSH

 2 What it takes to withstand a vendor’s pitch (5,10) SALES RESISTANCE

 3 Kitchen appliance for a witches’ gathering lacking leader (4) OVEN

 4 Can a leader notice unusual slowdown in progress? (12) DECELERATION

 5 Talk endlessly with worker having full knowledge (10) CONVERSANT

 6 In China it is where brown people, hiding Ian, level the score (9,6) TIANANMEN SQUARE

 7 Slices of meat for a more reckless soprano (7) RASHERS

10 Used as a fastening, it has a sticky record (8,4) ADHESIVE TAPE

13 Universal old mantra conjures up a cleaning facility for clothes (10) LAUNDROMAT

16 Member, English, in the outskirts of Cumberland, made his way up (7) CLIMBED

18 Rodent that upsets cat and sheep (6) MARMOT

21 Labour body manuscript returned as being indecent writing (4) SMUT

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