Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9368 Monday, November 03, 2008


 1 Card game in which bets are made for air-conditioned motor in club (8) BACCARAT

 5 Forcibly take away sailor by tube (6) ABDUCT

10 Nine players lacking a safety feature? (5) NONET

11 Such a tool, modified, produces large-scale destruction (9) HOLOCAUST

12 It might bring an aroma to the atmosphere (9) FRESHENER

13 Something to make motorists see better in fall (5) WIPER

14 An engagement made by Indians long back, with destiny (5) TRYST

16 Extremely weary and got dried out (3-5) DOG-TIRED

18 Are his glasses rose-tinted? (8) OPTIMIST

20 Vestments that bring order in extremes of roughness (5) ROBES

24 Preliminary sketch for a floater, following start of deluge (5) DRAFT

25 Such property is not for the self-made man (9) ANCESTRAL

27 Protection for a premature arrival (9) INCUBATOR

28 Often nuisance includes some boredom (5) ENNUI

29 He brings in the bread (6) EARNER

30 A law-breaker, maybe, with a tool Ravi built (8) VIOLATOR


 1 Live in good health around the north-east: that’s an advantage (7) BENEFIT

 2 Shout about old queen in a food-processing unit (7) CANNERY

 3 Character that makes for a restless desire (5) AITCH

 4 Capital article included in half of a response (6) ATHENS

 6 Isolated place seen in black and white: a racket busted (9) BACKWATER

 7 He has no right to be there (7) USURPER

 8 Instructed about a new route in backward, small district (7) TUTORED

 9 Old trumpet noted for its call (7) CLARION

15 Arrivals and departures feature in it (9) TIMETABLE

17 Grass found in seaport reconstruction (7) ESPARTO

18 Idle Tom, dithering, is typical of the past (3-4) OLD-TIME

19 Transport vehicle, a model motor containing computer memory (7) TRAMCAR

21 British honour would exclude one beginning to tope (7) BARONET

22 A fighting ant (7) SOLDIER

23 Duty for a month shortened by French king (6) OCTROI

26 Dispose of about a penny in a period of time (5) SPELL

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