Monday, November 10, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9375 Tuesday, November 11, 2008


 8 Unfit titan cracks rod as a disciplinary measure (6,3,5) CARROT AND STICK

 9 To harass a rodent in the street (6) MOLEST

10 A performance enhancer for an object in space (8) ASTEROID

11 King’s associate bowled by film in pretentious talk about religious matter (8) KABBALAH

13 Commander of a school of supernatural forces (6) OCCULT

14 To pass by the Spanish vault (6) ELAPSE

16 To allot a small logo (6) ASSIGN

19 Pedlar has a falcon for the monarch (6) HAWKER

21 Arousing a strong emotion noting pa out of place (8) POIGNANT

23 Think of a reformer to be a freedom fighter? (8) ACTIVIST

24 The French hold a commitment with disgust (6) LOATHE

26 Acknowledgement receipt of a machine-issued ticket (5,2,7) PROOF OF PAYMENT


 1 Compliment a cold drink from the French (8) ACCOLADE

 2 Reported a mysterious lake (4) ERIE

 3 Support all within a large gate (6) PORTAL

 4 Distinctive plume (7) PANACHE

 5 To cut one on a small series of repeated events (8) EDITIONS

 6 Train cat to develop an appealing quality (10) ATTRACTION

 7 A sudden fear on an island (6) ACHILL

12 Spider has the colour of a former wife (5,5) BLACK WIDOW

15 One existing in a small ancient city in a lively manner at the rear end (8) SURVIVOR

17 Hit on new types of the mixed ethnic origin (3-5) NON-WHITE

18 Record it for a local inscription (7) EPITAPH

20 General agreement on a car model (6) ACCORD

22 Decorative patterns as fillings (6) INLAYS

25 Declaration by a force of workers (4) AMEN


pannag said...

cool...thanks! I got everything except PANACHE today. However, I got SURVIVOR (small=s, lively=viv, rear end=R, but what is ancient city for-Rome=R?) AND KABBALAH (King=K, Associate=A?,bowled=B? film=?) more from the context rather than from the clue. Can you explain how you got those two?
Also was there any clue hidden in EPITAPH?

anokha said...

Hi Pannag,

SUR is an ancient city in Lebanon.
ABBA is the film and BLAH is pretentious talk.
EP is for record - Extended Play as opposed to LP - Long Play!

Eswaran N said...

It is actually S-mall Ur is the ancient city!.

pannag said...

is Ur one of those standard defs?

Eswaran N said...

Yes UR is a standard Definition .