Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9370 Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This compiler is hopeless - totally dumb clues taking the fun out of doing these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 4 Adjust to get a rule into conformity (8) REGULATE

 8 President to deliver a sermon for everyone (6) PREACH

 9 Simple fundamental principles (10) ELEMENTARY

10 Inhabitant of the Middle East found in a car abandoned (4) ARAB

11 Starting price of article over a period of time (4) SPAN

13 A permissible difference to turn back fish route (6) LEEWAY

15 Small fragment of road surfacing material on view to all workers (7) BITUMEN

17 Total amount of oxygen in Japanese wrestling (4) SUMO

18 Animal’s hair, we hear, is of chief importance (4) MAIN

19 Second grade editor turns to the old style about a skin ulcer (7) BEDSORE

21 A different diet, combined into one for the United Nations (6) UNITED

22 To move a short drama (4) PLAY

25 Be in at to help somebody (4) ABET

26 Confidential student in University end is almost around each place of an assemblage (10) CONFLUENCE

27 Half diameter of the shorter forearm bone (6) RADIUS

28 Initially, use the item left in store end sometime to put into effective ways (8) UTILISES


 1 Grasp early displaying a young shoot (5) SPEAR

 2 To keep in place, rain envelops an alien (6) RETAIN

 3 Poor quality of chief vitamin for father sent back (5) CHEAP

 4 Horse head in strap on a European river (5) RHEIN

 5 Graduate test mark left in for a mischievous sprite (7) GREMLIN

 6 Gracefully slender home tiles designed (9) LITHESOME

 7 Turn back rodent at Paul in a protective cover (9) TARPAULIN

12 Extreme angle! (5) ACUTE

14 In all ways, undo a tout by mistake (3,3,3) OUT AND OUT

15 American man in the United Nations is liberal in giving, to fit back tube side (9) BOUNTIFUL

16 Lack of difficulty left with the supporter of the arts (5) EASEL

19 Second grade editor has insects as devices (7) BEDBUGS

20 Lump left in for mischievous creature (6) GOBLIN

22 Sections of stamp sheets on window glasses (5) PANES

23 Warning signal true after for Albert and the queen (5) ALERT

24 Hidden store of street remains (5) STASH


Eswaran N said...

21 Across - Weak sort of clue.

Eswaran N said...

Since Our friend has two second grade editors, he could do with third - not a second grade one.

21 Ac - An item for the editor of Nations (6)

anokha said...

Yeah that's what I am talking about, Eswaran!

But she is getting back today with 19 AC???????????

anokha said...

Got it - 19 AC CHIRU!

a goat antelope, Pantholops hodgsoni, of Tibet, the male of which has very long, straight horns.
Also called Tibetan antelope.