Monday, November 3, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9369 Tuesday, November 04, 2008


 2 Give a sermon prior to giving an account beginning with hardship (6) PREACH

 7 Long for a coniferous tree (4) PINE

 9 Dry region, part of a ridge (4) ARID

10 Feed a stubborn kind of animal used for carrying loads (5,2,6) BEAST OF BURDEN

12 A group of three, let after a short journey (7) TRIPLET

13 Piece of iron is at back of a coffee shop server (7) BARISTA

15 Painter initially donates a large idol (4) DALI

17 Headless bough on a large farm (5) RANCH

18 Edible plant has a hole, overheard (4) LEEK

19 A statement of objection in favour of a trial (7) PROTEST

21 Doctor’s pill in a small container (7) CAPSULE

23 Adjust a few sort, initially lacking an overwhelming fear of a programming mistake (8,5) SOFTWARE ERROR

27 Footwear in the luggage compartment of a car (4) BOOT

28 Every other star seeks a long journey (4) TREK

29 Steal cover concealing recess in room-wall (6) ALCOVE


 1 Thousand Romans of a tribe chop the wood of growing trees (6) TIMBER

 2 Boat lever’s sharp end has a sustained bass note (5-5) PEDAL-POINT

 3 Beheaded beast in the direction of the rising sun (4) EAST

 4 Bovine animal’s fleshy part of the leg (4) CALF

 5 Closed off a lyric poet, overheard (4) BARD

 6 Short essay on an architectural ornamentation (8) VIGNETTE

 8 Small article bend not applicable for a steam bath (5) SAUNA

11 Rejected person to say openly about the actors in a play (7) OUTCAST

13 Having two repeated sequence of events on a wheeled vehicle (7) BICYCLE

14 One left with a strong desire to be worthy of to explain (10) ILLUSTRATE

16 Wearing away on a bar is damaging (8) ABRASION

20 Initially, save enough water entering rooms from a drainage pipe (5) SEWER

22 Room for storing food has cooking fat for the Queen (6) LARDER

24 Sound outcome of an elaborate party (4) FETE

25 Wading bird on a horizontal bar of wood (4) RAIL

26 Repeated sound found in speech only (4) ECHO

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