Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9374 Monday, November 10, 2008

Better clues, the compiler is improving but ways to go still for her .....................


 7 Foundation of the spinal column (8) BACKBONE

 9 Remove the French canal (6) DEDUCT

11 Twist a cork rope for a restless musical drama (4,5) ROCK OPERA

12 Underbone has a cleaning implement for the editor (5) MOPED

13 Puts off to delete article at the other half of the days (6) DELAYS

14 Block the clean sort of creature (8) BARNACLE

17 Soup kitchen for the ones waiting in a queue (9) BREADLINE

22 Coffee brand contained in a suitable manner quickly without any warning (8) ABRUPTLY

23 Right hand for fifty one in a Football Club game (6) FROLIC

25 Groups are second at Times Square (5) SECTS

27 Fashion not in with times (3,2,4) OUT OF DATE

28 Characteristic pattern to see on a newspaper page (6) LOOPED

29 Turn back a suitable moment to sound the sending of light (8) EMITTING


 1 Push forward our debt in another way (7) OBTRUDE

 2 Freezing dessert company left a mark (7) ICECOLD

 3 Oddly, main edge is the mountain range (5) ANGER

 4 Shrine emblem holds a herb (4) NEEM

 5 Support a favourable omen (7) AUSPICE

 6 Fastener for a journalist adorned with gems (7) STUDDED

 8 Stupid person has a wrong part that is dangerous (5,4) BOOBY TRAP

10 Language of the East has a short paragraph for the head boy with the French (7) PARABLE

15 When charities work without any gain (3,6) NON PROFIT

16 Blow up a brandy glass (7) BALLOON

18 Craft a pill (7) CAPSULE

19 A motorised plough on an area alternatively (7) TRACTOR

20 Soluble bases for the French turned to be constant for the first character on an island (7) ALKALIS

21 Current note of a period of land measure (7) ACREAGE

24 End of a trunk (5) STUMP

26 Met someone at a location, overheard (4) SHEA


pannag said...

I guess it should be ANDES instead of ANGER.

How did you are arrive at BREADLINE and LOOPED ?

Ravi said...

i think it should be SEEN instead of SHEA.

i also agree with pannag for ANDES

anokha said...

Yup, missed both ANDES and SEEN badly! No excuses, don't know what I was thinking ...............