Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9371 Thursday, November 06, 2008


 1 Doing of laundry for a large amount in American capital (10) WASHINGTON

 9 Leader of youth chats about sailing boats (6) YACHTS

10 Piece of jewellery for almost all decorative plants (10) ORNAMENTAL

11 Boys territory hides an underwater creature (6) OYSTER

12 Quick signs to put a stop on quarter rupees (7) BANNERS

16 Canoe destroyed in a large body of water (5) OCEAN

17 Imitation of sound in a London district house (4) ECHO

18 Complete circle around an eye socket (5) ORBIT

19 Antelope around two hundred and one head of unions (5) CHIRU

20 Defensive position in polo at the front, we hear (4) FOUR

21 Trickster in chess (5) CHEAT

22 Digs in to push log out (7) PLOUGHS

27 Killer captured in a police manhunt (6) ICEMAN

29 Opinion in dispute for a doctrine on facing the altar (6,4) GOSPEL SIDE

30 Pictures for one to design games (6) IMAGES

31 Turn the thing on side to show appreciation to a right Fordmaker (10) TIRTHANKAR


 2 Displays affection (4) AIRS

 3 Throw a Norwegian leader in paradise (6) HEAVEN

 4 One who wants something points at an editor and the queen (6) NEEDER

 5 Watch manufacturer is a powerful person (5) TITAN

 6 Found in any long synthetic fabric (5) NYLON

 7 Sounds of birds get people talking (10) CHATTERING

 8 A onus start to change for spacecraft travellers (10) ASTRONAUTS

12 Lung infection to bridge on life energy for it to turn at point (10) BRONCHITIS

13 Precious element for aristocrat head of monarchy and others (5,5) NOBLE METAL

14 Soldier has a wrong pose at the end of the day (5) SEPOY

15 Quiet arrival of the head of priests, exactly on time (5) SHARP

23 Thin plate of metal notice first to hang a Hebrew alphabet (6) LAMEDH

24 The concert is at one, child (6) UNISON

25 Strong anxiety in a gang stampede (5) ANGST

26 Hoarder of money is the one in a literary work for the queen (5) MISER

28 Thought of an identity for each (4) IDEA


pannag said...

man, where are the solutions for the crossword 9372?

anokha said...

Was out of town for work! Thanks for checking in, pannag!