Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9380 Monday, November 17, 2008


 1 Worries the head of administration advances about sin boomeranging (8) AGONISES

 6 Clan prepared to accept prince (4) SECT

 9 Developed old city around which friend goes (6) MATURE

10 A number is late in starting and beyond bounds to become equal (4,3) EVEN OUT

13 Stalin led characters to be put in position (9) INSTALLED

14 Foreign college window (5) ORIEL

15 Army entertainer (4) HOST

16 What two persons might do in a loving gesture or one in a prayer (5,5) CLASP HANDS

19 Not to name the person… (3-4-3) YOU-KNOW-WHO

21 Head of soccer outfit in short theatrical episode (4) SKIT

24 Material for a Scottish banker (5) TWEED

25 A famous explorer or a cool PM, perhaps (5,4) MARCO POLO

26 Pawnbroker accepts article that is dirty (7) UNCLEAN

27 One who appears with others in a film (2-4) CO-STAR

28 Try-line covered in blood (4) GORE

29 Where there is crude deposit (8) OILFIELD


 2 Spectacles for good girls (7) GLASSES

 3 Turn to a gun for something to chew on! (6) NOUGAT

 4 The woman will strike a signal, perhaps (5-4) SHE'LL-BLOW

 5 Lay out money at emptied shop at last (5) SPEND

 7 Feeling expressed in English proposal (7) EMOTION

 8 To Laotians it amounts to summing up (12) TOTALISATION

11 Times he and cops are involved in a tangle (6) EPOCHS

12 Nervous as it might be on the violin (6,6) HIGHLY STRUNG

17 Reship lac in fresh round (9) SPHERICAL

18 Nervous — where one may be teetering (2,4) ON EDGE

20 Its owner can still find a buyer if it’s roadworthy (4,3) USED CAR

22 One who won’t accept information from anyone else (4-3) KNOW-ALL

23 Good in France as I cultivate a dwarfed tree (6) BONSAI

25 Fruit piece to try (5) MANGO


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