Friday, November 7, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9373 Saturday, November 08, 2008


 1 Grandpa standing devours an edible toroid (5) PASTA

 4 Dust clouds of speckles on the cornea (7) NEBULAS

10 Great admiration for these central figures in a film (6) HEROES

11 Dream-breaker is the panic monger (8) ALARMIST

13 Preventing movement is important for the editor in the capital of Guinea (8) IMPEDING

14 The French and Italian turned back to number the language (6) LATINO

16 Stylish for the Spanish article (4) ELAN

17 A disorganised argument without any limits (4,3,3) FREE FOR ALL

20 Quiet bird has a sign on a strange occurrence (10) PHENOMENON

21 Taken advantage of the mixed-up dues (4) USED

24 Left father to turn the cover of a large notebook (6) LAPTOP

26 Whistle of shout following a young woman (8) BIRDCALL

28 Traditional idea to twist a hot rod for a bovine animal (8) ORTHODOX

29 Set back the legal system for an eccentric person of dark brown colour (6) WALNUT

30 Small one left on an ancient city (7) BABYLON

31 Demon has one’s primitive article (5) ASURA


 2 Real ape on to charge a pilot’s vehicle (9) AEROPLANE

 3 Up-to-date to run in to manage at the end of the day (6) TRENDY

 5 Slippery characters after the first holders (4) EELS

 6 Training a nurse to take over would be madness (8) UNREASON

 7 Head of attorney liberal for one making an excuse (5) ALIBI

 8 The carriage is, in each case, moving (6) CHAISE

 9 By the way turn over to a walk (6) STROLL

12 Proper arrangement for one new to request for food (2,5) IN ORDER

15 Left for safekeeping, material added to a land form (7) REPOSIT

18 Non-voter’s rating to mark the queen (9) ABSTAINER

19 Medical officer not performing at the end of the day due to boredom (8) MONOTONY

20 Intimate talk in bed on a head rest (6) PILLOW

22 Edit a notice point to give permission to Edward (6) DELETE

23 Left in thoughts of high principles (6) IDEALS

25 Father upset by social worker in capital city (5) PETRA

27 Individual card game for a single performer (4) SOLO


pannag said...

hey Anokha, I am beginning to get back to crossie hobby again... after a prolonged gap. :-)

Well, I got quite a bit today. Here are my doubts on today:
1. NEBULAS was direct is it?

2. I thought 17 across was Over The Top, but knew that was wrong since it was not matching with other clues!

3. what is the funda of 29 across, how did you arrive at Walnut?

4. Same for 5, 15 and 20 downs. I got 20 down, but that was random.

5. reg. 22 Dn, I got DELETE too. Notice= D is it? and reg 18 Dn, I got ABSTAINER but through guesswork ,so Rating= AB is it?

6. 25 Dn, I guess the answer is PATNA.

pannag said...

(PA+ ANT = PATNA ) is what i thght for 25 Dwn

Breaking D Habit said...

ation..isnt it nebulae? no difference..still..

anokha said...

Hi Pannag,

1. Yes
2. FREE FOR ALL fits the clue
3. This wasn't much difficult -
Legal system = LAW
set back -> WAL
eccentric = NUT
WALNUT is dark brown in color!
4. Got 5DN by just slippery reference and the fit with other letters
15DN - thought of DEPOSIT straightaway due to "material added" and form is "POSE" references but "REPOSIT" is something that is left for safekeeping
20DN Intimate talk is PILLOW TALK and headrest is PILLOW

5. 22DN - point is E, permission LET, Edward ED, edit is DELETE
18DN - rating AB, Mark STAIN, Queen ER, non-voting is abstaining

6. Yup, 25DN is PATNA - missed that one as I had just returned from a two days hectic tour!

anokha said...

Hi breaking d habit - Nebulae and Nebulas both are in the dictionary and NEBULAS fits better with the clue

anokha said...

I have made my thoughts known on this compiler. The clues are all over the place ranging from some intelligent ones to totally dumb!

anokha said...

Can't find Sunday's crossword online. Not posted yet???????????