Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9376 Wednesday, November 12, 2008

...... will be out till Friday!


 1 Large region in Paraguay has a dovecote (8) PIGEONRY

 5 Silver sun in medieval city (4) AGRA

 9 Tie articles like neck coolers (8) BANDANAS

10 Cry around the first person being an ambler (6) ROAMER

12 Reported to disclose an edible plant (4) LEEK

13 Performers curious to visit lions (10) VIOLINISTS

15 General bustle of activity on the arrival before the date of departure (6,3,5) COMING AND GOING

17 Carrying out a feat (14) ACCOMPLISHMENT

21 Lasting echoes touching child with a bit cut off sound (10) RESONATING

22 Brief stay in the way of work (4) STOP

25 A cry to damn the French for money (6) BOODLE

26 A bar left with the worker in charge of the ocean (8) ATLANTIC

27 Lateral identification within bridge opponents (4) SIDE

28 Morning paper has one end almost for church surroundings (8) AMBIENCE


 1 Player surrounding the very black gallet (6) PEBBLE

 2 Type of general reference (5) GENRE

 3 Shape of a cricket ground! (4) OVAL

 4 Study each day in an area (7) READING

 6 Fix event for a hand-to-hand combat (6,4) GROUND GAME

 7 Clumsy maid on a ship is the one about to gain entry (9) ADMISSION

 8 Are there chances to win these games? (5) CARDS

11 Heartlessly good for brotherhood (4) CLAN

14 Mildest and crooked to be broken up (10) DISMANTLED

16 Circumstances to empty small measure when one is performing at day’s end (9) OCCASIONS

18 Dozens of a car parks (4) LOTS

19 Wrong man cuts a hideaway (7) SANCTUM

20 Spoken of a small spot at one direction of coined money (6) SPECIE

21 Probing inside for a bird (5) ROBIN

23 Starts to take in ten articles needed for Hercules (5) TITAN

24 Airline left one on an island (4) BALI


pannag said...

cool..thanks! I got everything today except 'SPECIE' and 'COMING AND GOING'!

However, can you explain what has 'touching' to do in RESONATING ? is it = 'RE' ? + SON + TING

Also, can you explain where is 'small measure' used in OCCASIONS? O(empty) + CCA? + I+ ON (is performing)+ S

pannag said...

For Nov. 13, 2008, Crossword # 9377, let me do the job for you :-)


 1 Main seat of government (7) CAPITAL

 5 To talk idly of a race in a story (6) TATTLE

10 Gland in a favourable position (8) PROSTATE

11 Limit the second request for food (6) BORDER

13 Odd to link part with a kind of a fabric (4) IKAT

14 Song left inside the basic boatman’s song (10) BARCAROLLE

16 Morning in the South river (6) THAMES

18 Arrival of an alien back in the case for an object (8) ARTEFACT

21 Take care of the boy about to turn almost one (8) CHAPERON

22 Insist upon one to turn back the pigtail (6) ASSERT

25 Give a sign at home to pour into acid (10) INDICATION

27 Cut off the label on natural food (4) CROP

30 Pay little attention to a large region (6) IGNORE

31 Teacher for a mischievous genie following a vehicle (8) CARNEGIE

32 Good advertisement to purchase a device (6) GADGET

33 Try to win a commercial for the boy (7) COMPETE


 2 The smell of a right gas in the morning to return (5) AROMA

 3 Small amount, initially is offered to all (4) IOTA

 4 In reality a short performance for the upper-class for almost all (6) ACTUAL

 6 Relationship of a half day belonging to us (5) AMOUR

 7 An overwhelming surge for it to turn an advertisement back to a side to soundly set it aside (5,4) TIDAL WAVE

 8 Down payment done in a serious manner (7) EARNEST

 9 Bit of skill required for fine stuff with a sudden burst of activity (6) SPRINT

12 Keep a tally of a small nucleus group (5) SCORE

15 Simple people cut short of religious education (4) MERE

17 Left in half, an odd bean all over the place (9) ABANDONED

19 Language found in her settlement (4) ERSE

20 Cry in the other half of the city about the stolen goods (5) BOOTY

21 Reported of covering the room surface (7) CEILING

23 Type of head article from the French at the end of the bottom of a cycle (6) TOPPER

24 Fruit for a cat at the circle (6) TOMATO

26 Evil spell cast on mongrels at a point (5) CURSE

28 Approved of a custom, overheard (5) RIGHT

29 Sharp sound of a photograph taken (4) SNAP


anokha said...

Thanks Pannag for posting!
"cc" is the small measure!