Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9431 Friday, January 16, 2009


 1 Take a nap in an ambience of a new junction at an eating place (10) RESTAURANT

 9 One man to turn tales about a lizard (6) IGUANA

 10 Last month confused a singer coming down (10) DECREASING

11 Sufficient for one to turn in disgust (6) ENOUGH

12 Company side laid back a tonic (7) CORDIAL

16 Introduce some languages initially in the morning religion (5) ISLAM

17 Stone in an operation for almost all (4) OPAL

18 Unattractive looking girl relative (5) GAUNT

19 Bridge players in to talk about a trickster (5) CHEAT

20 The French cover an ancient city of attraction (4) LURE

21 At home to help back a large country (5) INDIA

22 Winding course for the right cleaner (7) SCOURER

27 To attack the morning vehicle in the heart of Bihar (6) AMBUSH

29 Irresistible space for incantation in the capital of Germany (10) ENCHANTING

30 Nothing in to fall upon in a public room (6) LOUNGE

31 Bypass about to be located on foot on an open way (6, 4) RELIEF ROAD


 2 An odd end seen in paradise (4) EDEN

 3 Red-hot to purify after returning the waste matter (6) TORRID

 4 Trap the girl with fifty in an African country (6) UGANDA

 5 Put up with a sailor with an identity in the east (5) ABIDE

 6 Even string gear on a large cat (5) TIGER

 7 Not thorough to adorn the dress code (6,4) CASUAL WEAR

 8 Turn back at the church for a remote kind of measuring instrument (10) TACHYMETER

12 Company man in to turn the final letter of rating for the French to be known (10) COGNIZABLE

13 Talk in an indirect way of a traffic circle (10) ROUNDABOUT

14 A great deal to almost use the water lily (5) LOTUS

15 Late sort of seven stories (5) TALES

23 Make a fold on a line marked for the position of the player (6) CREASE

24 Rubber around the way at the rear end of an overcoat (6) ULSTER

25 Clap in the chief direction of the queen (5) CHEER

26 Expressed by an accountant in the book (5) VOCAL

28 Ruler found within caves (4) INCA

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