Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 2516 Sunday, January 11, 2009


1 Author looking exhausted andunwell (7) HAGGARD

5 Stands by sponsor with drink (5,2) BACKS UP

9 Having equal cost and income in holiday flat (5,4) BREAK EVEN

10 Loud? Piece for piano is, yes (5) NOISY

11 Loose-limbed, Italian male after end of drill (5) LITHE

12,13 Uneventful, a holiday not worth a postcard? (7,2,5,4,5) NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT

17 Holiday-maker, one wanting R and R, we hear, after parking (8-6) PLEASURE-SEEKER

19 Sofia cop nervous about onset of trial (by the very nature of the case) (4,5) IPSO FACTO

21 Bar, stifling to staff (5) BATON

22 Discipline in class (5) ORDER

23 Enid cooked hot food over in capital (9) EDINBURGH

24 Ray in submarine at sea, not right one! (7) SUNBEAM

25 Governing body of mine might (2,5) IN POWER


1 Astronomer in centre bowled over the Parisian (6) HUBBLE

2 Good army unit capturing a rocky height, a headland in Wales (5,4) GREAT ORME

3 An animal mounted in joint (5) ANKLE

4 County's best delicacy (10,5) DEVONSHIRE CREAM

5 Dictator destroyed unionist's mobile (6,9) BENITO MUSSOLINI

6 Job-seeker is frank at end of tˆte-…-tˆte (9) CANDIDATE

7 Smart and carefully planned undercover operation (5) STING

8 Carry on opening port (8) PLYMOUTH

14 Time to request to speak to Church of England working party (4,5) TASK FORCE

15 Extra run perhaps, may cause defeat (9) OVERTHROW

16 Fruit crop - it's varied after start of August (8) APRICOT

18 An endless task for presenter (6) ANCHOR

20 Irishman entertaining daughter in saloon (5) SEDAN

21 Live dance music (5) BEBOP

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