Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9426 Friday, January 09, 2009


 1 A celestial protector leading Anurag astray? (8,5) GUARDIAN ANGEL

10 What 1 is believed to do for one (5,4) WATCH OVER

11 Old artist who caused business decay (5) COROT

12 A pulse beat both right — and wrong! (5) THROB

13 Repeat the test (2-7) RE-EXAMINE

14 An owl in the car? (6) HOOTER

16 Raise a trivial objection to little Victoria entering American state (5) CAVIL

19 Business friend, one used in making varnish (5) COPAL

20 It goes down the drain in three directions, taking a long time (6) SEWAGE

25 In a stupor, Rau turns ecstatic (9) RAPTUROUS

26 Xmas entertainment for worker in post office (5) PANTO

27 Sacred mount seen in temples, and in Northern Ireland (5) NANDI

28 Ready for use, like a villa Abe built (9) AVAILABLE

29 U.S. spy, not alone, dances without prompting (13) SPONTANEOUSLY


 2 Such a motive is not apparent (8) ULTERIOR

 3 Treatment for an addict in a rare habitat (5) REHAB

 4 Upset victory in sluggish setting (6) INVERT

 5 Courage with foolish talk can be poisonous stuff (5,3) NERVE GAS

 6 Fruit that makes a drink for the gods in the east (9) NECTARINE

 7 Creature found in or near wigwam (6) EARWIG

 8 An electrical device for change (6) SWITCH

 9 Rising sharply, like prices in high inflation? (5) STEEP

15 Notice Lou developing the art of public speaking (9) ELOCUTION

17 All-round view of operations research in Central American state (8) PANORAMA

18 Dog-eating dog, say (8) CANNIBAL

21 Journalist, swallowing a speck of dust, showed exaggerated feeling (6) EMOTED

22 Physician performing with ecstasy and a deep hum (5) DRONE

23 Talk freely about work covering writer, upper-class (4,2) OPEN UP

24 Kind of valve that opens under pressure (6) ESCAPE

26 Part of a sari visible to everyone on the outskirts of Palamau (5) PALLU


Dabbler said...

Well done. "escape" for 24d? Kind of valve? Didn't quite get it. Missed it.

anokha said...

Easy if you are an engineer, Dabbler!

escape valve

a valve in a container in which pressure can build up (as a steam boiler); it opens automatically when the pressure reaches a dangerous level [syn: safety valve]

Dabbler said...

I hate to admit, I'm an engineer and still missed it (even after seeing the answer)

Was thinking of safety valve though. (If that salvages some pride in me as an engineer) :-)

anokha said...

You can salvage all of your pride if you are not a mechanical or chemical engineer :)

More seriously, happens to all of us - missing some of the obvious clues. After all, it is just a game - mindgame, yes - but just the same! So don't be hard on yourself, you won't miss it the next time around.


Dabbler said...

Guess, the answer just 'escaped' me !

On a side note, pride is completely salvaged :-)

anokha said...