Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9430 Wednesday, January 14, 2009


 4 Cut off the points of a short paragraph note (8) SEPARATE

 8 Take care with the knob (6) HANDLE

 9 An added enthusiasm before the beginning of the day in kiwi country (3,7) NEW ZEALAND

10 Crane arrives within a short distance (4) NEAR

11 Take the burden of an animal (4) BEAR

13 Ask for playing with five information technology head experts (6) INVITE

15 Cats taken are critically involved from within (2,5) AT STAKE

17 Pointed tip on a headdress (4) BARB

18 Haircut for the worker team (4) CREW

19 British change the title to be easily broken (7) BRITTLE

21 An attendant to design a corset (6) ESCORT

22 Eyes the French on a small atoll (4) ISLE

25 Advanced seniority of the Dutch leader (4) AGED

26 Danish unit damaged by an Indian native (10) HINDUSTANI

27 Five held in a downpour at a point in a valley (6) RAVINE

28 A horse on Rhode Island the day before is a cause for complaint (8) AGGRIEVE


 1 Prayer sung by the social worker following the church (5) CHANT

 2 Large tank in that is to have an opening through which liquid is taken within (6) INTAKE

 3 Nest formed at a point stretched tight (5) TENSE

 4 Sheep within an old railway waste pipe (5) SEWER

 5 Group of lions surround the oriental side to gain control (7) PRESIDE

 6 Pertaining to with reference to the French van for the church (9) RELEVANCE

 7 Edward in to instruct about alcohol solutions (9) TINCTURES

12 Cut off the first part of a performer (5) ACTOR

14 Talking about a quiet one being beautiful (9) RAVISHING

15 Graduate turns to the Supreme Court on showing back anger at the fugitive (9) ABSCONDER

16 Large paper birds (5) KITES

19 Fabric bait set in a wrong manner (7) BATISTE

20 Internet Protocol up in a big game bird (6) MAGPIE

22 One rodent last to leave is very angry (5) IRATE

23 Dens in an American city have a right side (5) LAIRS

24 And bide us an odd goodbye! (5) ADIEU

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Eswaran N said...

atoll clue repeated.