Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9428 Monday, January 12, 2009

Uh .. oh ... she is back - will be a week full of inane clues !!!!!!!!!!!!!


 2 Initially, a sign to have medicine again for a respiratory disorder (6) ASTHMA

 7 To suspend a gymnastic exercise (4) HANG

 9 Missing the first bonus is a difficult concern (4) ONUS

10 Agnostic? Goner, mixed-up in these groups! (13) CONGREGATIONS

12 Type of vessel (7) STEAMER

13 Mixture of gases at the lowest part of a military landing field (7) AIRBASE

15 Leave out even dirt (4) OMIT

17 Hot beverage for senior turned back with water in one’s eyes (5) TEARS

18 Left article on a ship for a young girl (4) LASS

19 With thousand Romans in heist of a shop selling drugs (7) CHEMIST

21 Permit to break silence (7) LICENSE

23 Feeling of satisfaction for head girl to sanction formally (13) GRATIFICATION

27 Held in concept for one time only (4) ONCE

28 Gold given to a vehicle (4) AUTO

29 Small break in an alcove (6) RECESS


 1 Symbolic figure found in Christmas cottage (6) MASCOT

 2 Get a maiden alter one of the points to be considered (6,4) AGENDA ITEM

 3 Rubber on wheel in one of a series of rows, overheard (4) TIER

 4 Cut off the French from the imperial dynasty of China (4) MING

 5 Oddly stop lion all alone (4) SOLO

 6 Supports oneself over bus for sister in back street (8) SUBSISTS

 8 Initially, look after two hard inmates with a heavy stick (5) LATHI

11 A sincere way of down payment (7) EARNEST

13 A cry left one with a synthetic fabric (7) ACRYLIC

14 Female dancers in a social gathering for the queen fashionable like (10) BALLERINAS

16 A hog inside many tropical timber trees (8) MAHOGANY

20 Article for virtuous person in street (5) SAINT

22 Turn back tin in to say being mentally healthy (6) SANITY

24 Copies small primates (4) APES

25 Start off the passageway to an island (4) ISLE

26 A kiss for the wheel shaft to the French (4) AXLE


Dabbler said...
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Dabbler said...

Quick one today. Looks like you're not happy with Nita Jaggi. :-)

Eswaran N said...

OMIT is by inference or is there a logic behind? Even dirt = IT

Shuchi said...

With Nita Jaggi's puzzles there are so many problems, it makes it not worth one's time to even list them. Right from the first clue - which has her constant unimaginative acrostic indicator "initially" used not once but twice in the same puzzle, to the last clue which has incorrectly ordered wordplay.

It is amazing that The Hindu does not do any quality checks for the crosswords it publishes.

anokha said...

Nicely put, Shuchi (double checked the spelling :)

Dabbler - Ms. Jaggi is simply frustrating! God only knows how she got the compiler's job, she is not even grammatically correct in many of the clues.

Eswaran has zeroed in on a perfect example in 15 AC - that's one way to get at the answer but leaves you scratching your head about OM (although you have M from the other clue already there).

Ironically, there are two more possibilities -

1) OMIT is anagram of MOIT which is DIRT, referenced in the dictionary with MOTE -

1. a small particle or speck, esp. of dust.
2. moit.

2) MITE is also DIRT, referenced in the dictionary as -

Anything very small; a minute object; a very little quantity or particle.

Leave out Even -> MIT(-E)
Then put O from OUT, I guess!

I'll be damned if I can guess what Ms. Jaggi intended as a possible path from the clue to the answer!

Dabbler said...

Do you guys have a unanimous choice of best compiler?

I have been solving puzzles only for a week. Got no idea about the crossword compilers.

Shuchi said...

The spelling is perfect :)

I had written this in Oct08, Anokha, when Ms. Jaggi had just surfaced on the scene. Nowadays I don't attempt the crossword when she's the compiler.

Do you know that I was running a poll for the solvers' favourite compiler on my blog, and it got rigged in her favour?! I had to abandon the poll because of that.

Dabbler said...

Poll getting rigged part is really funny !!

sravan said...

Nagged initially by her confused gait, hail Gurgaon's head hindu compiler (4,5)