Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9422 Monday, January 05, 2009


 1 The preferred wear of former star Esther Williams! (7,7) BATHING COSTUME

 8 Time to get tangled up in a journey (6) TRAVEL

 9 By-product of processing a soft hoof (8) OFFSHOOT

11 Get going — in a board game, maybe (4,1,4) MAKE A MOVE

12 A sinister accomplice for a girl (5) SALLY

13 But not necessarily poor in the past (3,4) NOW RICH

15 One itching to shoot is happy with it (7) TRIGGER

17 Good enamel, treated, yields a mixture (7) MELANGE

19 Each one to pay his own bill — in the Netherlands? (2,5) GO DUTCH

21 Fanatical artist on offer (5) RABID

23 Slavery for master following 60 minutes in extravagant party (9) THRALLDOM

25 Croon about an eminence, get money (8) SHILLING

26  “___ we stand, divided we fall” (Aesop) (6) UNITED

27 Leader of a cause, he carries the flag (8,6) STANDARD BEARER


 1 Cricketer, a comic character, swallows a drop of sherbet (7) BATSMAN

 2 Follow a song on the disc (5) TRACK

 3 One trait I trash is repeating something (9) ITERATION

 4 Cricket side exhausted? Unusual! (7) OFFBEAT

 5 Jobs to enquire about in a back street (5) TASKS

 6 Take on a second job, to work at night maybe (9) MOONLIGHT

 7 Not a quitter, he (6) STAYER

10 Nonsense is a part of Subroto’s humour (4) TOSH

14 Strong and large is what you and I erected, accepting two pounds (4,5) WELL BUILT

16 Laziness means a decline, no kidding (9) INDOLENCE

17 After a short time, girl is sullen (6) MOROSE

18 European state where a note is distributed (7) ESTONIA

19 Clothing to show off when upset (4) GARB

20 It keeps tobacco moist, golden (7) HUMIDOR

22 American singer who displayed some trendy language (5) DYLAN

24 Try to prevent grass coming up around base of tower (5) DETER


Shuchi said...

Hi Anokha, Nice breezy one today wasn't it? 16d makes for a good anagram.

13a should be NEW RICH I think, from the French phrase "nouveau rich".

anokha said...

Thanks, Suchi - never heard of the translation being used but I guess all is fair in a clue!

Chaturvasi said...

It seems you can never spell her name right! Jus' kiddin!

Shuchi said...

LOL at Chaturvasi's comment :D

Wasn't "new rich" the term Rose's mother used in the film "Titanic", to describe a loud co-passenger? It was either that, or "new money". [I watch too many movies :)]

anokha said...

SORRY, Shuchi - no idea why I keep butchering your name, totally dyslexic :(