Friday, January 9, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9427 Saturday, January 10, 2009


 1 Fighting force captures our weapon store (7) ARMOURY

 5 Itinerant salesmen who spread out around start of Lent (7) DEALERS

10 An unholy business combine! (6) CARTEL

11 Branch of science using which, in ICU genes get modified (8) EUGENICS

12 It would turn litmus blue (6) ALKALI

13 Sunday best! (4,4) GLAD RAGS

14 A buyer at Christie’s, say (6) BIDDER

15 Simplon, for one (6) TUNNEL

18 Spy on the way to cause sexual harassment (6) COHERE

20 Conspiracy of silence in which a roomer takes part (6) OMERTA

23 Turtle that Penny found in some ground (8) TERRAPIN

25 A big achievement, dropping leaders of public health in court (6) ATRIUM

26 Tall, slender person, engineer with a new staff (8) BEANPOLE

27 Order young Ronald received from the king of fairies (6) OBERON

28 Good men contain growth in roads (7) STREETS

29 Military wing worker is a predatory creature (4,3) ARMY ANT


 2 In truth genuine lady loses heart (6) REALLY

 3 Send one to Coventry (9) OSTRACISE

 4 Artist f’fibbed but recovered (7) RALLIED

 6 Insert directions on corruption (7) ENGRAFT

 7 One who shuns company brings unity between two sides (5) LONER

 8 He may be seen to frequent Mahalaxmi perhaps (8) RACEGOER

 9 Instrument to measure radiation with a trigger EU once distributed (6,7) GEIGER COUNTER

16 Not the kind of recognition that a decent person wants (9) NOTORIETY

17 It might as well not have happened (3-5) NON-EVENT

19 Milk the base of a plant food store (7) EXPLOIT

21 Our exam ruined by former lover (2-5) EX-AMOUR

22 Induce perjury by distributing bonus? Right! (6) SUBORN

24 Washing lightly with some water in seclusion (5) RINSE


Dabbler said...

I missed quite a few. I thought 18a is molest.
[mole] (st) -> [spy] (on the way)

anokha said...

Yeah, missed that and wasn't sure about some others. It was a rush job, didn't have much time!