Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Hindu Crossword No. 9425 Thursday, January 08, 2009


 1 A vegetable sack for a cushion (4,3) BEAN BAG

 5 What a persistent caller does? (7) REDIALS

 9 High law officer who must have energy or a talent for reform (8,7) ATTORNEY GENERAL

10 Bargain with some nomadic kerb-vendors (6) DICKER

11 One master shown to have made progress (8) IMPROVED

13 Kind of steps a doctor takes (8) REMEDIAL

15 One man’s meat perhaps, proverbially deadly stuff (6) POISON

18 Splendour that is like fire around the north (5) FINERY (should be 6 letters)

19 Midday meal, formal version (8) LUNCHEON

22 A tack and a tool for manicure (8) NAILFILE

24 Race on skis — on a small round course? (6) SLALOM

27 Enthusiastic response that gets the audience on their feet (8,7) STANDING OVATION

28 Beg for a bit of frozen treated fruit (7) ENTREAT

29 Mark the French make on a foot pedal (7) TREADLE


 1 Student who lives in, for bread or otherwise (7) BOARDER

 2 Room at the top! (5) ATTIC

 3 He dispenses drinks — to finish off a title-holder? (9) BARTENDER

 4 German general displays great delight (4) GLEE

 5 Emigré’s interpretation of a system of government (6) REGIME

 6 A benefactor at the entrance admitting Pole (5) DONOR

 7 Reach around the first unscrupulous, ambitious one (9) ARRIVISTE

 8 Old sultan who found a boy steeped in wrongdoing (7) SALADIN

12 Catch up with prohibition (3) BAN (NAB)

14 Begging for a masculine finish? I am unable to (9) MENDICANT

16 Let social changes swing back and forth (9) OSCILLATE

17 Signal for action used in billiards (3) CUE

18 Tact and poise shown in grief in essence (7) FINESSE

20 One appointed to act for another (7) NOMINEE

21 Scheme an alien made for Jupiter, say (6) PLANET

23 The toffee to avoid (5) FUDGE

25 Estate owner finds atmosphere in the environs of Lynwood (5) LAIRD

26 Army officer, first to train a horse (4) COLT


Dabbler said...

(NAB) explains 12d. Thats a great clue !

anokha said...

Nice indeed, Dabbler! Liked 23 DN too .............

Eswaran N said...

Pretty smooth like a lathered skin begging for the blade.( a la Nash!)