Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9314 Thursday, August 28, 2008


 1 Tool that cuts a cow’s tail (7) HACKSAW

 5 Impossible situation for troops posted away from a major formation (7) OUTMOST

 9 Swindle with a stunt following assurance (10,5) CONFIDENCE TRICK

10 Type of goods sought to be disposed of in a clearance sale (6) UNSOLD

11 A sore calf treated in the open air (8) ALFRESCO

13 Oriental sword makes a mark around one famous tech school (8) SCIMITAR

15 Leave alone an amateur no longer operative (3,3) LAY OFF

18 Part of the tooth seen when a Melanesian smiles (6) ENAMEL

19 The French burden starting to ease in this game (8) LACROSSE

22 Hairstyle that could be a universal force if restructured (8) COIFFURE

24 Trick by private detective to get seafood (6) SCAMPI

27 Old horse-drawn carriage which could sail along grassy plain more quickly, skirting around church (7,8) PRAIRIE SCHOONER

28 What a king gets for copyrighted work? (7) ROYALTY

29 No good man with strong spirit gets this cure-all (7) NOSTRUM


 1 Spasm needing a drink or caused by drink? (7) HICCUPS

 2 Partners of rods in the eye (5) CONES

 3 Yet, existence is a subject for some artists (5,4) STILL LIFE

 4 Period lacking in energy, say (4) WEEK

 5 New local arrangement that is available, if needed (2,4) ON CALL

 6 A teacher to put labour body to the right (5) TUTOR

 7 Failures in love assignments (9) OMISSIONS

 8 Beginning of a flight (4,3) TAKE OFF

12 Is it where lawyers quench their thirst? (3) BAR

14 What a hypochondriac’s illness could be (9) IMAGINARY

16 Very wicked but a stoic, our dissembler (9) ATROCIOUS

17 Sailor in a solitary state (3) TAR

18 The one who broke loose (7) ESCAPER

20 Witty saying about a swine captured by oriental sheep (7) EPIGRAM

21 Blood distributor (6) ARTERY

23 Wild, dreadful fear followed by onset of lethargy (5) FERAL

25 A pit worker reportedly under-age (5) MINER

26 Bridge player in a position to make a systematic examination (4) SCAN


Eswaran N said...

5 ac - OUTPOST. U formation . Delete 'R'(?).

Also - 7 Dn by itself can be spinsters - failures in love assignment !!

Venkata said...

7 dn is OMISSION; o-mission (love == o assignment= mission).

anokha said...

Thanks, Eswaran! I had OUTPOST first but then changed it to OUTMOST due to UTMOST!

anokha said...

Thanks for contributing, venkata!