Monday, August 25, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9312 Tuesday, August 26, 2008


 1 Unprincipled chap, a professional, is taken in by discount (9) REPROBATE

 5 Old Scottish surveyor who organised a raid (5) ADAIR

 8 Born, reportedly late, as required (6) NEEDED

 9 Standards body with a pick-me-up kind of solution (8) ISOTONIC

11 Dairy product derivative, hot, swallowed by horse? Not half (4) GHEE

12 Kind and generous noble, event organiser (10) BENEVOLENT

14 What a pirate found here — a nocturnal mammal (5) TAPIR

15 Their jobs are pressing (7) IRONERS

16 Desirable things found when something sticky ceases to be (7) GOODIES

17 Sly old general, really hollow (5) LEERY

19 A singular indication people begin taking as a task (10) ASSIGNMENT

20 Powered rickshaw (4) AUTO

22 Laxative that got Peter in a tizzy (8) APERIENT

23 Manipulate a wide point of view (6) WANGLE

24 A passage in an insular area (5) AISLE

25 Something to break a tumbler’s fall (6,3) SAFETY NET


 1 One generally upset has it in him to break his promise (6) RENEGE

 2 Pomposity of stout peeress in new turn out (15) PRETENTIOUSNESS

 3 Not restricted by a round enclosure (4) OPEN

 4 In the Pacific, it is famous for its giant statues, and is a part of Chile (6,6) EASTER ISLAND

 5 He may tell you what the stars foretell (10) ASTROLOGER

 6 1950 movie starring Betty Hutton that could inure young agent in trouble (5,3,4,3) ANNIE GET YOUR GUN

 7 Lists out rituals encompassing European Commission (7) RECITES

10 Junior students in disturbed rest get snacks (12) REFRESHMENTS

13 Balmy season, the hour for a leap? (10) SPRINGTIME

16 Old relative with an American prosecutor in an Andalusian city (7) GRANADA

18 Reportedly, the enemy intended to try and stir up public opinion (6) FOMENT

21 A lure, one swallowed by winged creature (4) BAIT

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