Monday, August 18, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9306 Tuesday, August 19, 2008


 1 Issue ten new lines (6) SONNET

 4 Witty retort coming from the pear tree (8) REPARTEE

10 Most of the army unit’s diet (7) REGIMEN

11 Call in question a laconic revelation by melba (7) IMPEACH

12 Sign calling for attention (4) NOTE

13 Servant girl who operates as a manicurist, maybe (10) HANDMAIDEN

16 Daughter rows with a yen to get sleepy (6) DROWSY

17 Pen can be used to give punishment (7) PENANCE

20 Sat into a place set apart for a local office (7) STATION

21 Scribble about a small crab (6) SCRAWL

24 Score of sixty from twenty times of a single digit number (10) THREESCORE

25 About an acre for a residential medical welfare service (4) CARE

27 A sort of name, one with a reason for turning pale (7) ANAEMIA

29 The last places where travellers are likely to be met (7) TERMINI

30 Hero achieves eminence amongst top men (8) ACHILLES

31 Flat material surface found in square on a celestial body (6) PLANET


 1 Entertain a number in tranquil surroundings (8) SERENADE

 2 Dark stout hostel worker on late shift (5,6) NIGHT PORTER

 3 A male turned out for her (4) ELMA

 5 Perhaps lie drove him to be an angry person (8) EVILDOER

 6 What the actor makes (10) APPEARANCE

 7 Leaves buds and shoots, prepared for the beverage (3) TEA

 8 Simplest hydrocarbon produced by decomposition of vegetable matter (6) ETHANE

 9 Young Anil turns to insert text in a larger page (5) INLAY

14 Formal statement at the end of an innings (11) DECLARATION

15 Hailstorm breaks out around the East — it’s to do with temperature (10) ISOTHERMAL

18 Clan assembled in a little bay for a solemn meeting (8) CONCLAVE

19 A falsehood isn’t confusing to a psychiatrist (8) ALIENIST

22 A start made out for levels of society (6) STRATA

23 Proper to cater for a packing case (5) CRATE

26 As an alternative, Al can speak verbally (4) ORAL

28 Has burnt remains of timber tree (3) ASH

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