Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9297 Friday, August 08, 2008


 1 Top also I took into account with pith helmet (4,4) SOLA TOPI

 5 Bird riding on animal in dirty place for a long time (6) PIGEON

 9 Light later around northern part of Nellore (7) LANTERN

10 Untried way to get in (7) INTRUDE

11 The state of being a Mr. Scrooge? (9) MISERHOOD

12 Gain approval without a bit of padding (5) RAISE

13 Authorisation does not allow man to make an appointment (4) DATE

14 Has unmade a disaster without being redfaced (9) UNASHAMED

17 Indicate the source of starch (9) ARROWROOT

19 Make eye and go back with the French (4) OGLE

23 Avoid dealing with suspect Krish (5) SHIRK

24 Splits in Irish legislative body over floating anchor (5,4) DRIFT SAIL

25 Don’t allow convention to begin in de luxe arrangement (7) EXCLUDE

26 In the best of circumstances, don’t begin journey with friend (7) IDEALLY

27 Deserter returns to obtain something to aim at (6) TARGET

28 How a play that is not put on the boards remains (8) UNSTAGED


 1 Such persons establish their own structures, apparently (4-4) SELF-MADE

 2 Stan and gal together graft an Asian tree (7) LANGSAT

 3 He interrupts a foreign politician with a supposition (6) THEORY

 4 One game after another that helps you to cross over (7,6) PONTOON BRIDGE

 6 Domestic one needing 9 to move around (8) INTERNAL

 7 Learned of rite due to be modified (7) ERUDITE

 8 Required study about river on the rise (6) NEEDED

10 Illness in the organisation (13) INDISPOSITION

15 Arrogantly confident bird plays ruse (8) COCKSURE

16 Made use of manoeuvre indeed (8) DEPLOYED

18 Sleepers may be in or under it (4-3) RAIL-CAR

20 Bird presented by old poet to upwardly mobile gal (7) GRAYLAG

21 Bearing snake etc. gingerly (6) ASPECT

22 In a state of repose is learner at last in a trial (2,4) AT REST

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