Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9296 Thursday, August 07, 2008


 1 Deli when refurbished got capital (3,5) NEW DELHI

 6 Name seen in ups and downs in high-rises (4) OTIS

 9 Directing top dynasty (6) AIMING

10 Mark his wandering in north India (7) KASHMIR

13 Ejected by the computer perhaps (9) OUTPUTTED

14 A circulation of lies dividing the church (5) AISLE

15 City fellow’s bust at end of aisle (4) DUDE

16 Tracks in the countryside for those riding horses — pronounced manner of the newly married (10) BRIDLEWAYS

19 Said to be rough toil — what a class has to go through (6,4) COURSE WORK

21 It goes with circumstance (4) POMP

24 Rani madly embraces English girl (5) IRENA

25 One who gets what someone else gives willingly (9) INHERITOR

26 Ran Len’s device to catch things in a mesh (7) ENSNARL

27 A variety of citrus for the countryman (6) RUSTIC

28 Up to the point where money may be put in (4) TILL

29 Hyped to excess, like some airline flights (8) OVERSOLD


 2 Time up! Edward is discharged (7) EMITTED

 3 Daughter of India’s leader given accommodation: Refurbish the thing stylishly! (2,2,2) DO IT UP

 4 Drink that won’t give one a heavy hangover (5,4) LIGHT BREW

 5 Got on the nerves of the king in bumpy ride (5) IRKED

 7 Hats off! A mother’s is in with loud celebration in India (7) TAMASHA

 8 Very noticeably different from point to point on the road map? (7,5) STREETS APART

11 Takes in part of a percussion section (6) SNARES

12 It may cause a casualty on the way (4,8) ROAD ACCIDENT

17 Shark rode off to become a surprise winner (4,5) DARK HORSE

18 Neighbour of Francia (6) ESPANA

20 Pan perhaps, and union’s leader falls silent (7) UTENSIL

22 Having one’s day in court? (2,5) ON TRIAL

23 After credit, one’s doubly in a big problem (6) CRISIS

25 Soldier put up toilet in Arctic dwelling (5) IGLOO

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