Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9313 Wednesday, August 27, 2008


 1 In athletics it makes one from Warsaw jump (4,5) POLE VAULT

 5 War detainee, with hesitation, finds energy (5) POWER

 8 Increase the late ace’s trouble (8) ESCALATE

 9 Align with the east (6) ORIENT

11 (See) below a part of the mainframe (5) INFRA

12 One worthy of imitation, part mole in a caper with daughter (4,5) ROLE MODEL

13 The endless disagreement caused by being careful with money (6) THRIFT

14 Small family leader, one with close-cropped hair, heavy boots and all (8) SKINHEAD

16 The remoteness of being number one in the ball (8) DISTANCE

18 Such emotions are bursting to be released (4-2) PENT-UP

22 Where to go to start making progress on the diamond (5,4) FIRST BASE

23 Not trimmed, like a diamond yet to be finished (5) UNCUT

24 Membrane surrounding the embryo of mammal in Oman perhaps (6) AMNION

25 Roar wildly before the entrance to claim undue authority (8) ARROGATE

26 What the shopper would like to have in, say, Bonn and Brussels (5) EUROS

27 Net surfer’s requisite, a wide range of frequencies (9) BROADBAND


 1 Foretell a public relations proclamation (7) PREDICT

 2 Satan can be cruel, if provoked (7) LUCIFER

 3 1/3, 2/6 and 27/81, for example (6,9) VULGAR FRACTIONS

 4 A state act for improvement in the economy (6) UPTURN

 5 An expression formed by combining others like ape, trout and worm perhaps (11,4) PORTMANTEAU WORD

 6 Use flattery but heed Lew, however (7) WHEEDLE

 7 Discomfited by a child’s toy, died (7) RATTLED

10 A bit of snow from a fine body of water (5) FLAKE

15 Showy display of new lace by tenor (5) ECLAT

16 What to do to the economy when prices continue to soar? Let off air? (7) DEFLATE

17 Frenchman in the South-eastern Railway is more calm (7) SERENER

19 Musical composition for two cats dancing with love (7) TOCCATA

20 A depth I worked out at the top of the mine shaft (7) PITHEAD

21 Eccentric chap makes awful rowdies drop tail (6) WEIRDO

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