Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9309 Friday, August 22, 2008

Nice one today .......................


 1 Revolutionary Irishman in huge cart crashes into a rubber tree (5-6) GUTTA PERCHA

 9 Branch of mathematics outlined in Summa Theologica (5) LOGIC

10 Maiden to prophesy in Indiana and Alabama (9) INAUGURAL

11 Leaderless cartel busted on tip off (5) ALERT

12 Misfortune on treacherous U.S. road for the French minstrels (11) TROUBADOURS

13 After jailbreak, he comes back outside as a prophet (6) ELIJAH

14 Model’s American belt has a bunch of feathers (7) TUSSOCK

18 Smart doctor holds party in pre-1917 Russia (7) TSARDOM

20 Obama upset with bike accident in Lincoln, leaves with hands on hips (6) AKIMBO

24 Incomplete investigation into the power of a branch of mathematics (11) PROBABILITY

26 Uncover technology helping to make a patent (5) OVERT

27 Eating food uncooked is the mantra to work for Shanghai doctor (not NHS) (9) OMOPHAGIA

28 Bury nitre explosive (5) INTER

29 These may contain a large number of stories (11) SKYSCRAPERS


 1 Cartilage found in mill input by the French (8) GRISTLES

 2 With stoic ease, design some covering cloths (3,6) TEA COSIES

 3 Confused Lara goes around to ask for handout about a branch of mathematics (7) ALGEBRA

 4 Noble newspaperman replaces linotype starting to get worn from overuse (5) EARED

 5 Branch of mathematics, a creation of Herge? (8) CALCULUS

 6 Boxer at sea confused by ship’s captain’s nicknames (7) ALIASES

 7 Decline to accept reference accord (5) AGREE

 8 Not quite right in some branches of mathematics (5) ACUTE

15 Commander in China and the French mix together (9) COMMINGLE

16 Branch of mathematics used in network configuration (8) TOPOLOGY

17 Cops act strangely around unknown apes (8) COPYCATS

19 Contents of box sent up the hill are for some Jurassic Park characters (7) RAPTORS

21 A shrink in trouble on the river (7) KRISHNA

22 A firm biff reportedly results in gripes (5) COLIC

23 Post result of labour to the auditor (5) BERTH

25 American spies upset about Australia turn up early (5) AZOIC

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