Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9299 Monday, August 11, 2008


 1 “What might an innocent person tell the inspector at checkpost?” “I don’t know the answer to your question!” (6,2) SEARCH ME

 5 Girl is after fruit and spice (6) NUTMEG

10 A type of deer (7) ROEBUCK

11 They leave one country to settle in another (7) EMIGRES

12 I had taken a number in cupidity by extreme limits — senselessness (6) IDIOCY

13 Rule trio out as being secret (8) ULTERIOR

15 Mob taking part in another demonstration (4) HERD

16 Is girl in seedy bar showing indifference? (10) DISMISSIVE

18 Pedestrian crossing (10) FOOTBRIDGE

20 Be inclined to fight in an old-fashioned way (4) TILT

23 Colours of an earthy appearance (3-5) RED-BROWN

24 Set up our trial (6) RIGOUR

26 He shuns a village officer on bumpy ride (7) AWARDER

27 Civil employee taking notice with former pupil (7) SERVANT

28 Stop on the wrong side to find the way (6) DESIST

29 Estimate again that a ship’s in bay without a piece of cargo (8) REASSESS


 1 Where does a hospital worker go directly? Easy! (15) STRAIGHTFORWARD

 2 Studio that is later remodelled (7) ATELIER

 3 Mass medium? (6) CHURCH

 4 Brand a king in the Middle East (4) MAKE

 6 All that is in revues (revised) (8) UNIVERSE

 7 Shop in India’s capital for popular cocktail (7) MARTINI

 8 Iterating sorest manifestations of a complaint (15) GASTROENTERITIS

 9 Picture as it is (4,5) REAL IMAGE

14 These battles cause serious internal trouble (5,4) CIVIL WARS

17 Pushes forward as riotous brutes do (8) OBTRUDES

19 Fellows in a network of ex-pupils of a school (3,4) OLD PALS

21 Did people in that archaeological period have hard time? (4,3) IRON AGE

22 Fruit, one with crust broken all around (6) CITRUS

25 I catch some sleep in a place offshore (4) ISLE


Eswaran N said...

26 - A VO-IDER

anokha said...

Thanks, eswaran! I keep forgetting the British connotations here and cross them with American ones i.e., OLD PALS vs OLD BOYS!