Monday, July 28, 2008

The Hindu Crossword No. 9288 Tuesday, July 29, 2008


 1 Oddly, our U movies hurt a part of the eye (8,6) VITREOUS HUMOUR

 8 It can stretch a match at cards (6) RUBBER

 9 Brown-haired girl, violent one, straddles snare (8) BRUNETTE

11 Pride disrupts organ care (9) ARROGANCE

12 The best product from a dairy (5) CREAM

13 Hard work leaves a mark around Virginia (7) TRAVAIL

15 The kind of account for money set aside (7) SAVINGS

17 Be in the running to rewrite poem etc. (7) COMPETE

19 Able to meet one’s financial obligations, therefore advanced about five (7) SOLVENT

21 The inspection to make an embezzler anxious (5) AUDIT

23 In a hamlet, men processed Swiss cheese (9) EMMENTHAL

25 Rapidity shown in dumping it in a vegetable (8) CELERITY

26 Cover around the head for a member trapped in trickery (6) TIPTOE?

27 Insect in a long American river tracked by famous old singer, reportedly (8,6) COLORADO BEETLE


 1 Modification of an originally valuable song book (7) VARIANT

 2 A fleshy stem underground? Right (5) TUBER

 3 A large, shallow lake makes one always happy, with a bit of ecstasy (9) EVERGLADE

 4 Poles share funny equipment to secure the animal to a cart (7) HARNESS

 5 The chap in charge is very energetic (5) MANIC

 6 The tune pa played to raise the stakes (2,3,4) UP THE ANTE

 7 Part of the skin that Sunder missed to spot here (6) DERMIS

10 Blue dye that is a noting! (4) ANIL

14 Creature — a right crazy, sick duck (9) ARMADILLO

16 Token of love that blossoms in February? (9) VALENTINE

17 Risk taken by a revolutionary giving shelter to African party (6) CHANCE

18 Choose an academician, one in Greek mythology (7) ELECTRA

19 Some wrestling for money and love (4) SUMO

20 A flammable liquid, a substance with most of the constituents of 19 (7) TOLUENE

22 Bone decay reversed in a trunk (5) TORSO

24 Get away with work in a big commercial success (3,2) HIT IT


Gang said...

you are good man. It would be great if you can give some common tips. I am just an average in this cryptic crossword. I can only solve 50% and that too with the help of thesaraus.

Eswaran said...

24 - H(OP)IT

Eswaran said...

that makes 26 - WI(MP)LE

anokha said...

Thanks, gang! I am not that great as I still miss some. I can certainly give the annotations but they way I improved and learn was working backwards myself from the answers to the clues. You really learn fast that way.

anokha said...

Thanks for the corrections Eswaran! I guess I had no option but to "tiptoe" once I "hit it."